Beginning with BloggingU

Well (and not) this blog is waiting to bedressed with content inspired by the WordPress Blogging101 and Photo101 courses which started today. ..

Photo101 prompt: Home

Blogging101 prompt: introduce yourself

UPDATE: Saturday 1st August 2015 (!) Excusing myself, sincerely, with apologies

I failed to keep up with most BloggingU course tasks requiring posting anything. I read stuff in the Commons and other participant blogs but was too ill and easily brain-fatigued to even post comments much of the time. I have some partial posts from the course activity, a very few reasonably complete posts and quite a lot of ‘skeleton’ (cheat) posts, ie. the dated page spaces here and there along the way while intending to fill-in or update each post appropriately.

There were some unexpected psychological stumbling points too, such as being put off by the auto-generated avatar I started out with, as it was almost totally a red square with barely any white pattern to it! Strange as that seems now I think I lost any commenting confidence I might have began with by the time I’d hit a couple of ‘Like’ buttons.

Never mind. I’ve just signed up to re-take Blogging101 starting this Monday 🙂 I have some Photo101 posts to update in these early pages and will only update previous blogging 101 pages not yet published where it seems to me relevant to do so. Updated content will be clearly marked as i didn’t really mean to ‘cheat’ the date structure of my posts…

So, between now and then, or along the way, old pages will be spruced up and rounded off and emerge into public view. (not sure about tagging old stuff, I’ll work that out as I go…) Other than that i’m repeating every Blogging 101 assignment and trying to participate and keep up better this time. Feeling more confident and more positive for this round too 😀


Leap in, your comments and feedback are very welcome RSVP :)

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