Thinking on Taglines

Blogging101 prompt day2: title and tagline

I like my blog address and title being the same, although they don’t have to be so might change my mind along the way.  I overlooked a tagline, so some thinking to do on that one…Bedressed is a play on bedrest and also for the blank page/blog post to be dressed in fine words (and pictures).

The first thing that came to mind was ‘between the sheets’ or maybe ‘better between the sheets’. Then I was thinking of ‘bedwritten’ sounding similar to ‘bedridden’ and of bumbling or babbling – apparently fond of alliteration – and often bumbling about and babbling!

Next thought was how ‘forest’ is similar to ‘for rest’ and if I were to play with alliterative F…? How about foraging or foray, fumbling or fondly? (fondling is going a bit too far!) Finxion is a favorite word, not exactly fiction but non-fiction neither, a kind of thinking through creative writing. But is that what this blog is about? If so, Finxion Forest Foraging …?

Or maybe something like ‘Pondering Forest’ and forget alliteration and bedbound obsessions?

I’ll sleep on it for now… Bed written babbling, between the sheets, or vice versa be better….


Leap in, your comments and feedback are very welcome RSVP :)

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