First things First or Once Again…

The last time I even tried posting here was 1st July!

I think by then I’d made so many private skeleton posts for placeholders while unwell for blogging101 and Photo101, aiming to return much sooner than a few weeks later, that i just set this whole blog to private and left it behind for the month. That was also my last attempt at a drawing of sorts, while resting – simply a quick ballpoint pen doodle for an intended paper journal cover page – no paper journal entries since either other than my daybook scrawl logging my routines, intakes and outputs(!)

I’ve very rarely drawn at all for at least two years for ongoing illness but am challenging myself to manage something during bedrest or otherwise for #DrawingAugust (Twitter event) and maybe to blog about it here and there too.

I started a cover art design-doodle-abstract/surreal type colour marker pen drawing for this evening’s brief drawing attempt. Not at all what I’d planned to start with which was still-life sketching from objects I left ready by my bed this afternoon but hadn’t managed to fetch sketching stuff from next room to make a start. While late dinner/supper cooked itself in the mini-oven on a timed setting i spotted my old sharpie type markers, grabbed an old sketch book and found a suitable space on a page and just decided to have fun with a cover page for a few minutes. So first day’s drawing done within first day just not uploaded within day 1 (next on to-do list! Done! Posted to Twitter #DrawingAugust and my twitter time is out by some too, so it looks like it was posted in good time! )

This weekend I’m having fun with a series of Time After Time posts, and responding to a Pocket Watch picture prompt for Shafali’s new Creativity carnival Challenge – apart from this one specific post these are over at ONE for FUN, titled such because this blog here clearly demonstrated my urgent need for therapy/therapeutic activity of some accessible kind. ONE for FUN had started developing a little better than this blog, at least in terms of my posting content – perhaps for the fresh start, lack of plan or fixed idea – although it still needs a LOT of tweeks and blogging101 type intervention. So does this blog. Fingers crossed for a more busy, competent and efficient blogging bed rest during August and hopefully better efficiency during out-of-bed times too.

Unfortunately my bedrest time (majority daytime even with up to 12 hour night sleeping) during June and July and however long it was before then all proved to be time very much needed for extra sleep and/or very quiet and inactive pure rest too ill to do anything most of the time. Crikey that sounds lazy!

…to be continued…by inserting necessary links in appropriate parts of this text.

i wanted to do the SOCS challenge and i didn’t forget I’m just going very slowly about things in mid-overdrive (i’m full of condradiction in the terms I use, over-drive suggests speed, energy, whatever, my overdrive’s just so overtired and awake and slow but I’ll sleep eventually, probably quite soon. this happens in cycles roughly once 4 to 6 weekly, perhaps with the moon phase!) What was the prompt? Ready? well, i was. i intended timing this writing to precisely five minutes but as I forgot to check the time i can’t limit my writing any further than the end of this paragraph. Ready? not usually no…


Leap in, your comments and feedback are very welcome RSVP :)

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