Late to class!

Blogging 101 started today. I’m supposed to have written a post of introduction…

It’s now Thursday adding to a near empty draft – actually it’s post-midnight, so Friday!

My blog’s still in infancy and lagging behind any pre-conceived plan I might have ever had. I’m excusing myself with ‘I’ll let it grow organically’…

Why am I blogging? I’m blogging to learn, to practice, to have an accessible hobby, to connect with other human beings and to explore and enjoy the world. I’m also attempting to build stamina and tolerance to activity to increase my creativity and generate some kind of output however poor.

I’m interested in all kinds of things especially art-related subjects and creative writing, I just don’t tend to do any with any consistency or reliability. Most efforts of any kind are usually short-lived and followed by a state of near collapse and worse health. That’s so frustrating. Is blogging the antedote?

How do I introduce myself… hopefully…?


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