zipping along (the Pocket Watch prompt)

I hadn’t yet seen the latest Creativity Carnival entry from honestme363 when making today’s sketch but loved the poem … our very different responses perhaps share an expressive similarity, coincidentally, aside from both being responses to this Shafali’s challenge. Can you spot it?

I’m also taking part in a twitter event, #Drawing August and today’s quick sketch is my third response entry in each of these creative challenges 😀


I quite like the idea of using this sketch (less annotations) to make some kind of colourful abstract composition… if I get around to it… SOME TIME… something fun, experimental and carnivalesque perhaps… probably not be this week though!

So, using the picture prompt and time of 3;40pm today as my deadline for my goal of drawing a Pocket Watch sketch of my own, but just for once being early by over an hour. Below, here’s Shafali’s fantastic Pocket Watch picture prompt (click here to visit this week’s challenge page)

So far for the #DrawingAugust challenge I’m working on simply making some kind of effort to draw again, being very out of practice. Shafali’s tagline ‘Draw to smile’ is encouraging 😀 so I’ve been keeping it in mind while wondering what to draw. I’d wanted to draw this cardigan pocket while looking down at myself yesterday but played with other stuff instead.

(yes I really was dressed in a quite thick warm cardigan on  a sunny summer afternoon with indoor room temperature of 24 degrees C – I’m cold now having taken it off having noticed the room stat display and deciding it MUST be too warm to be wearing a cardigan!)

I’m using a small pocket notebook for these quick sketches although I might get into some ‘proper drawing’ along the way. I want to continue and finish this daily drawing challenge so am keeping my self-expectations very small and just having fun. My theme for this week is (no stress! with) ‘nothing much and nothing finished’! I’m also more interested in ideas, process, resource efficiency, practice and dialogue than in ‘making nice/good drawings’ – my excuse and I’m sticking with it 😉


7 thoughts on “zipping along (the Pocket Watch prompt)

  1. Thanks for responding to the prompt. Your sketch has taught me to look for new perspectives. It conveys a pensive mood, a need to reconnect. Draw to Smile just happened. I had started the blog at a time when smiles weren’t all that abundantly available…and drawing always made me smile…this is why the tagline 🙂


    1. 🙂 It’s a great tagline too! Your pic prompt generated a brainstorming session and too many ideas to choose from, especially when trying to limit to quick creative responses for now, bitesize, not bite off more than I can chew so to speak.
      So I left behind all those literal time related ideas for now and thought of Pocket Watch(ing) and potential interpretation as if a verb to use as sketching subject. Then just tried to stick with the deadline suggested by your pic. Thank you 😀

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      1. Your interpretation has enhanced the artwork. It’s now more meaningful for me too. I had a subtle clue hidden in it…another one – perhaps you saw it?


      2. Lol, I overthink things, feast on visual art and can’t resist but to explore potential meanings /multiplicity of meaning 😀
        I was also considering writing something ‘analysing’ your image, because it became fascinating. Balancing that against ideas bubbling for story writing from the prompt and determined to draw daily in August and having very limited energy I could be flitting back and forth to and from this prompt Time after Time here and there for a while…I found so many perspectives to take this forward in different ways but focusing on one point at a time … 😀


      3. Thanks Colette. You are right about the multiplicity of meaning in any piece of art. Don’t let yourself be constrained by time – there’s no deadline on ideas…yes, there’ll be a new cue on Friday, but this post will remain, and it will wait for your thoughts.


  2. Thank you for the link! I appreciate it. I actually enjoyed the addition of the annotations, it made the picture more dimensional as I had to turn it all around to read your notes. The fact that you wrote ‘oops’ made me smile. Good luck with your drawing!

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