… Ideally, I wouldn’t be needing to summarise a duplicate post… (updating 15/08/15)image

I don’t usually post photos of myself (you can see why!), so in spite of the familiar setting, i.e. propped on my bed (AKA the office) with my cuddly carer, known as Mixt-ape, I am so very out of my comfort zone by making such an appearance in the wider wide world public.

It had already been a busy day, making and posting today’s sketches, phone calls, lunch, and we were both exhausted …


The only trouble with eating after the pubs close is having to wait for your food to settle in your stomach before you can sleep, by which time you may just be wide awake again. Moreso if you think to just snatch half an hour to finish a quick post! The trouble with writing a sentence like the first of this paragraph is that the reader may well assume you went to the pub!

I need to learn how to do things like embed tweets or music or anything to bring some enlivening interesting content to my page… but finding stuff can be so distracting and draining. I don’t go to most of that sort of stuff when reading other blogs, I just glance over it. Why should I assume any reader has time to do anything than flit by here and there? Maybe I’m just old, out of fashion and not with trending enough. I’m definitely being a slow learner with blogging technology!

I’ve still no idea about ‘the ideal reader’ and still don’t believe in that ideal.

Oh well, I’ve made some progress: I kept up with non-admin tasks this week like browsing other blogs and exploring tags in the reader and met some co-learners via their blogs. Now I changed my blog title however temporary it might be and added a tagline of a sort here at last. I nailed my brief intro post via the magic of blogging time travel. I’ll leave learning embedding stuff for weekend homework, along with flitting through potential themes for the next overdue improvement – a change is as good as a rest? I do hope so!

(Mixt-ape was ‘born’ at my other blog, One for Fun… and now prefers his new home at Fishing4soup.)


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