Pocket Watch 2


I’ve not used a watch in years. There are no clocks in my home – at least none that work or are visible. (Like anything else ‘useless’ they get kept in case I can afford a battery or in case I want to draw them ONE day!)

Previously clocks and watches were made that required a person to wind them up daily to keep time. No battery needed. Somehow the idea took hold that labour-saving was essential and it’s too much effort for most people to wind a watch or clock – plus battery production and sales were essential for job creation and manufacturing industry sustainability – so much less availability of the wind-up variety. ‘Times change, not always for the better’.

Time is told by listening to radio, my computer display or mostly by my mobile phone. Or those failing I guess roughly by daylight/darkness, where the sun or moon is – or just don’t care and wait and see.

Until I upgraded my mobile phone very recently my old Blackberry handset was mostly only used for telling the time. It was hopeless for internet use, wouldn’t stream video or run apps, managed to send and receive texts but quite dodgy for sustaining phone conversation. My latest phone handles all kinds of content and works like a dream even if I don’t use those capabilities to WATCH stuff as if it’s a handheld TV. The mobile phone is the new pocket watch in both these ways.

‘Time is Money’?

If I’d picked another pocket…

…that came out wrong! no-one wants that kind of Time!

What I meant, of course, was had I selected another of my own pockets, in my old winter coat or one of my bags, the only contents would be ‘found objects’. Any small coinage wouldn’t be my money, it’d be picked up off the pavement along the way during my very occasional trips out of the house, along with ring pulls, rusty nuts, bolts and nails, all kinds of small, discarded detritus that I just can’t resist picking up and bringing home because…? I

was planning to do a ‘pocket watch’ still life drawing, but having arranged my pocket contents to draw wondered why not just hit a button and grab a snap instead.

Maybe another time I’ll go for different pocket and draw its contents, maybe I won’t…

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