Olga and the Bell (quick outline)

This is a quick rough story outline I made as another response to Shafali’s Creativity Carnival challenge using the Bell prompt. A new challenge is due to be posted and having tweeted two previous early responses I realise how I’ve not posted those either.

Rough outline for the 'to-do' file...
Rough outline for the ‘to-do’ file…

I’ll probably be writing this story at some point over on my new blog  …


12 thoughts on “Olga and the Bell (quick outline)

      1. I am finding more with your new theme! And with my gazillionth theme change on mine I am Finding my old stuff easier even than Editor theme. Pictures sure help 😀

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      2. i will try to not comment excessively and drive you batty with it. I just love both our changes right now. Yay to the Bloggy over here and over there ! Hip hip hooray!

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      3. Hip! Hip! comment away, i might not answer straight away… music’s making me sleepy… hip, hip hooray as it’s 1:37am and I might just see daylight tomorrow for whatever first March leap is making itself next 🙂

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Leap in, your comments and feedback are very welcome RSVP :)

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