Inspiration, Creativity and Soft Toy Capers

When I was thinking of incorporating my daughter’s large cuddly toy gorilla (whom I now call Mixt-ape) into my blog posts, I actually found myself wishing I could take him out and about places with me, to take photos of him in different settings and use those photos to build stories for blog posts. Really!

I could maybe get away with days out with a large cuddly toy if I was accompanied by a young child. No-one bats an eye lid at an adult with cuddly toy in tow providing they are in the company of a child (or have just been shopping and bought the toy). It’s a shame I live so far from my grandchildren and can’t borrow one of them to help out with the excercise, but even if I could it’s a shame because I can’t really get out much at the moment anyway, with or without cuddly toy.

Last week  I had the privelege of sharing in a walk in the park with a very talented creative lady, Josee and her very talented family, when I came across her uplifting and fun photography post at:

It’s just the kind of fun day out I’d have liked to take Mixt-ape out to, getting him to pose for the camera – but then I’m not five years old and not so good with a camera either. Never mind, because it was really nice to share in someone else’s day out 🙂

Josee mentioned in her post being inspired by one of my fave blogs to follow and I ended up staying a fair while for a good read around Josee’s other posts.

Among other topics, Josee also blogs about her artwork, has a lovely gallery page displaying some of her art and I’d recommend a visit to her blog if you haven’t seen it yet.

(This post was written for the ‘inspired post’ task for blogging101, with no pics cos you need to hop off and see some at Josee’s blog… but thanks for visiting :D)


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