Muddling Along Monday with Blogging101

I finally feel like I’ve made some progress, ‘caught up’ with assignments as far as it goes for now – meaning a lot of these topics and tasks need revisiting and reworking and all my blogs still need further refinement.

At least this time round I have managed to cover the syllabus and I’ve retained more learning. I’m more aware of and familiar with the customisation options and I now understand what text and image widgets actually mean/do even if I’ve not got round to making any yet. All my blogs have about pages of a sort and all very different rather than repeating same stuff on each. Probably none of them say very much about ‘what is any of this about’ because I’m still finding that out myself along the way. I’ve tried new themes, looked round lots of them and eevn find I’m recognising quite a few in use while browsing.

Enabled by a newer mobile phone that will access my wifi for internet and cope with a web browser helps by being able to use something really lightweight for keeping up with necessary browsing and commenting related to the Blogging 101 course. I’ve also been able to spend time in the Commons more this month, something I couldn’t manage before, but then I was really ill and sleeping a lot.

It’s annoying though when a simple post like yesterdays took more than two hours for forcing myself to write it while physically exhausted (because it was niggling me to do all weekend and I felt I had to catch up but kept losing myself browsing and commenting at other blogs). I also keep forgetting to post any of my links to seek feedback while in the Commons – but I am primarily visiting there to catch up offering feedback to others.

My blogging has been quite scatty from the start. it doesn’t help when you’re starting with ‘whatever will I blog about?’ because this starting point is so far distant from any eventual realisation of the original imagined visualisation of my potential blog.

My first blog was created using my name for the future potential of work-related type blogging. That blog is currently unused and private – but it’s the one that’s linked to my comments in the Blogging 101 dashboard, so I have to resolve that. I soon realised the few posts I made there didn’t suit my eventual purpose – I probably want it to look and function more like a website than a blog. I have a whole heap of stuff I need to learn, along with needing better capability and better health before ever reaching that purposeful destination. My gravatar profile has all three of my current play and learn blogs linked. This blog is supposed to be my Blogging 101 blog. Reaching for my Blogging101 page here, I find I haven’t made one here! I have one on each of my other two blogs for tracking task progress in those spaces. Doh!

So, scattily as ever I’m making my forward as best I can. Happily, I’ve just written this post in about half an hour. Phew! now for more things I need to get out of my system before (or during) tackling today’s Blogging101 assignment…


5 thoughts on “Muddling Along Monday with Blogging101

  1. My hat’s off, my hands are thumbs up, you have hit the nail on the head as they say. When we start we do not always know or guess our destination. Trying new things is how we will learn! I look forward to seeing your progress. I have no idea how long things take me. The afternoon flew by in blogland though 😀

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