I pledge Allegiance (to our world of humankind)…

I decided this morning* to use the Daily Post’s patriotism prompt for the Blogging101 day 11 task to personalise a prompt (*now yesterday as after midnight at time of writing!) By afternoon the next Daily prompt, community service was published, so I’m maybe combining the two here (at the very least by blog sharing within this post!). All links in my response text lead to posts responding to Daily prompt. Those articles can also be found by visiting the Daily Post’s page for the prompt (first link above). Linked text in quotation marks is quoted directly from that linked source, but is not usually the post title, also not necessarily the overall point/opinion of that individual’s post.

Throughout the day I flitted through some great responses to the prompt(s) – there were far too many to include them all here.

Why Patriotism is Wrong” provides interesting points of discussion and includes some great quotes to illustrate the dangerous and sometimes horrific nature of patriotic notion. I also share the sentiment that “…patriotism is blindness…

Patriotism:- personally I struggle with that notion, and now I know I’m not alone, whatever reasoning on the issue. First I struggle with patriotism for reasons of associating that word with ‘patriarchy’ and systems of ‘hierarchy’. Secondly, in my country we have a Queen to whom we should be ‘patriotic’ and patriotism, seeming a gender-specific word, surely requires a King (? – in my ignorant and culturally confused opinion). I certainly can’t feel patriotic towards a Tory Prime Minister or a Tory-led government proliforating Nazi-type politic.

Via responses to the prompt I found it interesting to discover revelations of histories, origin, universality and commonality. I wondered at the potential multiplicity of meaning/interpretation from various posts. Intended meaning isn’t always clear and interpreted meaning isn’t always intentional.

I enjoyed a star-spangled retrospective video   … I learnt some things – of cultural fact, of foreign language and tradition. It was fascinating to read a diverse range of opinion, reaction and Vibrant reflection from citizens of various countries. So many responses for which one might say “…this is a pretty damn good answer…”

I have watched greed and envy and war consume our great nation. …..every nation has been consumed.

If the UK is a nation striving for equality, the only equality to be secured via current government policies is ensuring that the poor suffer increased poverty on more equal terms with the poor of less developed nations. Not enough food / no food. No water / no hot water. No electricity. No income. No access to healthcare or medicine. No home. No access to employment. Yet still one might feel blessed and say “I have privileges many will never know…”

I struggle to feel proud of a country where helping those around you is no longer acceptable or commonplace. It is illegal to beg when in need, illegal to provide a beggar any money for food, illegal to sleep outside when homeless and having nowhere for refuge. Tens (or maybe hundreds) of thousands of vulnerable disabled people are denied disability rights / equality for failing to secure budget-limited disability benefits – only those in receipt of state disability benefits are classed as legally disabled. That makes a large number of disabled people ‘illegally disabled’, vulnerable with unmet need while suffering perhaps extreme inequality (in UK terms). We should be grateful we are not cast out for the devil in us, shackled and beaten …

The UK’s Welfare Reform Act 2012 is a beastly, inhumane and punative legislative absurdity of welfare repeal. Our ‘once great nation’ actively promotes and encourages the denial of dignity, human rights, equality, the means of basic sustainance for the deprived and disadvantaged. As ‘welfare reform’ progresses more and more of the population will be at risk of destitution. This apparently keeps the average taxpayer happy.

I cannot feel ‘patriotic’ and proud of my country if this is ‘the acceptable norm’ – it smacks of Nazi-type campaign, an atrocity.

While I too might say , “I am a proud Brit“, I cannot feel proud of being ‘English’ or even being ‘British’. I cannot alter the fact of where I was born. I believe in “allegiance to humanity” before nationality.

The consensus of public / media / political opinion seems to be against migrant peoples seeking immigration. I understand we (the UK) are a tiny, tiny land with not enough space or resources and a population of apparently tiny, tiny minds and immense greed. “What is the one place every one wants to go to live the “Dream”?” I cannot understand why anyone from anywhere else in the world would wish to migrate here, or even there, other than the myths including that we are a democratic and humane society, a land of fairytales. Truth is, there are for many the realities that are far more horrific and soul-destroying than those of our own.

27 thoughts on “I pledge Allegiance (to our world of humankind)…

    1. Thank you for stopping by and I’m glad you enjoyed reading 🙂 Sincere apologies for not also leaving a comment explaining inclusion of your link (all links) in my writing. It took much longer to complete than I anticipated at the start and I ran out of steam. i enjoyed your response too. Thank you 🙂


  1. Ours is going to be a mutual admiration company, madam 😛
    Just joking. I am going to use your post to ping back like you 🙂
    I liked reading this article and our views are not very different I feel. Would it be proper to say that “matriotism” would have been a proper prompt for you?

    I came to learn about a few of your country’s rules as well 🙂
    You have done hard work on today’s assignment. Congratulations for doing a nice job.
    I look forward to read more posts on your blog.

    Anand 🙂

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    1. Hallo Dear Vibrant 🙂 I hope you didn’t mind my linking to your content in my post. I would have liked to have nominated you in my recent award nominations, but my nominator already had you in her list 🙂

      i’m pleased you enjoyed reading my post. Mmm…matriotism… is that a real word even? There was nothing really improper with the prompt and I enjoyed it. If it were loyalty to the Queen, I’m afraid as treasonous as it would maybe seem to a loyalist, I don’t believe i could put HRH in front of any other human being. I also expect HRH should expect it to be just so.
      Thank you again so much for encouraging feedback 🙂

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      1. It’s an honor that you did. And considering me for nomination is also an honor. Why not? Matriarchy is a word so matriotism could also become one–let’s popularize it enough so it’s included in OXFORD next year 😛

        I didn’t understand your comment on HRH, but please never mind 🙂

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      2. Your poor English? I am a non-native speaker who studied in a Hindi medium school till 12th grade…how could your English be poor dear? It’s excellent–it’s mine lack of experience…sorry 🙂 🙂

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      3. No, when I write my word order and even words can get muddled and even my mother won’t understand me! I have to be very careful to check before publishing or commenting but don’t always notice until much later. But I am only human. Also spoken native English is often nothing like formal written English and we English are typically lazy in correct grammatical structure and expect the whole world to just understand , our ways 😉

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      4. Hahahaha…lol…that’s true: laziness—I can relate to that–native Hindi speakers speak worse than foreigners who have had some exposure 🙂 you’re a nice person Collette 🙂 Do you know what your name means?

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      5. I think it is from Nicolette which I think is derived from the supposedly charitable Saint Nicholas – I say supposedly because many stories of saints are obscured and somewhat removed from the truth. It was actually selected at random from a choice of several names both my parents could agree on. Therefore I believe my name means nothing other than my parents choice, their love for each other and their love for me 🙂 You are very kind and gracious yourself and very worthy of your choice-name of Vibrant 🙂

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      6. You didn’t tell me the name’s meaning. Though you told that Saint Nicholas had this name–we should find out what Nicholas means and then we can proceed 🙂 🙂

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      7. Apologies, I am demonstrating my laziness because I clearly have internet and am troubling a very very busy blogging gentleman. I actually really must sleep now, as I’ve not yet and been awake all night chatting via comments with all corners of the world. Quite lovely as usually I miss them for being asleep. I do wonder when do you ever sleep… Please forgive me for being impolite but I really must say goodnight. Love and light Anand, thank you so much for support and encouragement – I think you are everyone’s blogging101 superhero 😀 sweet dreams if you ever get your own rest


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