A Warm Welcome and my Warm-up Writing

These lists are my quick response to the writing warm-up excercise shared at the Sandbox Writing Challenge here. Apparently they may come in useful in later writing excercises.

Seven words I might use to describe myself are:

…scatty; naiive; considerate; caring; creative; imaginative; slow

Seven objects that have meaning for me:

…virtuality; paper; my Bible I purchased at eleven years old; my teddy bear from being a baby; my safety cooker lighter; my wind-up torch; my Glastonbury 1987 poster.

My choice of seven meaningful colours:

  1. clear
  2. indigo
  3. aqua
  4. sunshine yellow
  5. lilac
  6. grey
  7. orange / red (because ‘clear’ although my first choice of favourite colour always, isn’t really a colour! It’s always tempting to say ‘rainbow’ and select even more colours because really I love all colours)

…seven places that have meaning for me:

Earth; various places of home (ie my childhood home, first flat, family home, current home including local community); a police cell (once!); my favourite local art gallery; the East Anglian coast; my garden; Europe especially Amsterdam, although I’ve not been yet!

Another time soonish I’ll try the next excercise and maybe catch up with the ‘programme’ – there are two writing excercises to do to reach that point, with the third excercise posting tomorrow, but should still be achievable :). My lists didn’t have to be posted to join the challenge, but I decided I would. Thank you to the host for the very warm welcome and for creating the Sandbox Writing Challenge.

Today’s blogging 101 task suggested trying an(other) event so I really wanted something I could join in with today, be manageable and match my blogging/learning aims. I was really encouraged by the aims of this creative writing challenge during my other reading. While searching events for today’s task I just had to find it again. It was the one that really spoke to me and grabbed my interest as one for today. 


9 thoughts on “A Warm Welcome and my Warm-up Writing

  1. Well done, Colette! You had my attention at “clear” (I chose white and no one has chosen that either), and a jail cell! I’m all ears! LOL Oh, and this will make your day… I did a poll and I will only be posting a challenge on Tuesdays. So you have until next Tuesday to catch up. I do hope these posts give folks a lot to think about. You can comment as often as you want.

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I forgot white, I never think of white when I think of choosing a colour. Clear is always my first thought and rainbow is always my second… I’ll have time to blog hop about and give feedback better on posts so far then if there’s more time to catch up – I guess that’s part of the idea, to chat about what we enjoyed and share thoughts. Thank you for replying to my post, really pleased to meet you 🙂

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