Exploring Events Part 1

Some new challenge events I’d not seen previously (events listing page; following links point to listings page for each event.)

I’ve just missed Tea and Cake Tuesday to find something interesting to say about yesterday’s ten day old scones! Trouble is I had some nice chocolate biscuits and forgot the scones but they were still good enough to eat! I could have shared them for Tasty Thursdays… perhaps … or a Funteresting Fact this Saturday– for instance, a something tollpachtschiglich that I’ve done in the last few days … (that previous link goes to the first ‘episode’ if you wish to understand my use of that phrase.) The Sunday Wrap is a link-up to share your best recent post, so apart from adding the link and social visits to the other bloggers, the work’s maybe already done.

There are lots more but I’m looking for something ‘bitesize’, simple and stress-free that allows for enjoyment of the blog-hop aspect within time and energy constraints and without too much response thinking effort.

I didn’t expect to find a recurring daily event but the search option proved otherwise:

  • MeWorlde (share one word daily, add a photo/pic, poem etc?) – this appears inactive which was disappointing having thought that’s a good way to get into a daily posting habit. However it’d be easy enough to just add the tag, try it anyway and maybe the host will pick it up again after their hiatus.
  • 3wordsaday (link to blog) be inspired by 3 words from a choice of 5
  • MindLoveMenagerie a different kind of creative writing prompt for each day weekly
  • there are others for photography etc., explore different ways of using the search, there are lots of very well-established events some pages back, but browsing can be exhausting…
  • … and it would be nice to join in with and support new events created from recent blogging201 co-learners, some of which are already mentioned in the first section of this article. Below are three more NEW weekly events maybe suitable for me (or you):

Red Echo Date is simply a challenge to create a response to a given quote (photography/short writing/provide another quote). There’s over half a week to take part before the next prompt is announced.

Miniature Writing Challenge (Tuesdays) Mini Short Story (50 – 150 words) OR Tiny Poem (5 lines max) OR Haiku (3 lines, 17 syllables) with a weekly Theme for all three categories and a Short Story Prompt. Poem or haiku is up to the writer. Prompts usually announced Tuesday, so one maybe due soon (not yet announced at time of publishing), or practice with a previous week’s theme and prompt – it’s another new challenge and there have only been three weeks of this events so far (similarly for the other newest events).

Travel Trinkets and Memories, a photo post weekly link-up, can be of any trinket with associated memories not just those relating to travel, NO other PROMPT to respond to – host will be making her own new post on 20th but as there’s no weekly prompt and only one challenge page to link up on there’s no worry of missing the boat so to speak. I liked how you can check out all responses from the one page, that there’s no weekly prompt and you can just share a ‘trinket’ and memory each week, or periodically and never miss that boat…

So there are some listed events I’m thinking of trying out in the next few days or so … how about you, which new event(s) are you hoping to join?


11 thoughts on “Exploring Events Part 1

    1. You’re welcome- I loved the event idea but I do like a few – however it looks such good fun and is stuck in my mind for Saturday and I might have an idea for a draft to prepare and I got my schedule outline with it clearly marked. Should be with you sometime Saturday and I will check your info again and be sure of your participation structure. Looking forward to it. Thanks again 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hallo 🙂 thank uou, I would love to join in, not sure how soon, but one of my reasons writing my post was for myself to have easy access without trawling again 🙂 Apologies for not contacting you seperately as I had intended to with having generated a direct pingback that you might have thought was a response – in a way it is 🙂 but i’ll try and use your prompt over the weekend 🙂 Thanks again

      Liked by 1 person

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