Blogging101 and reaching for last post…

I’ve had a lovely e-card sent to me by a friend, shame in a way it’s my art-work on it and not his but never mind. It’s the thought that counts.

I assume the hidden meaning behind the thought was congrats and we’ll done for all this blogging101 tasking and making some headway but he told me that in our amateur team meeting by phone yesterday. Briefly. Between hooking me into various collaborative buddy ‘ oh good you can help me a bit now too’ and assigning a small task or few.  Anyway, that’s more than fair enough. He still has much of my original work in safe-keeping being processed in spreadsheets and toward some kind of content management plan. (Neither of us travelled far enough in our learning journeys yet to ‘just make it happen’…)

So here’s my art-work on his screenshot e-card emailed to me to show he’s posting daily and where’s my daily posting? Not that he wrote that in his message, still…

Screenshot of Snailzpace Daily blog

The email message with my screenshot attachment was not to forget to prep my feature post for his blog as contributing author ready to be published anytime before mid-week… Not decided what to even do for topic yet! Anything but art is my only direction, with… ‘maybe something for the ladies….’ Whatever that’s supposed to mean…

So that’s how I’m meeting the new feature posting task for blogging101, on another blogger’s site where I have to show up and post and stay on topic at least just once a week.

Branding and visual identity… That needs much more than a day to consider, I’m learning more about theme potentials, structure, platforms, purpose and ongoing decisions first. My primary concern is generating creativity, and sharing some original content. Art wise I’ve been limiting to working with ideas, some creative writing, and until quite recently  no practical art for ages and just getting back to small drawing.

On my own blog I had one announced in June b101 for Mondays and keep forgetting to do it then having other priorities. I had another planned. I decided I’m doing what I’m doing, whenever I do it and having fun along the way. On my blogs. Contributing to someone else’s will help me focus maybe and keep that commitment.

Taking part in ‘another event’ will help establish a posting routine on my blog(s). I’m a bit behind with my plan. Not blogging burn-out, as such, but I did some hefty posting attempts  earlier in the week. Then after-effects of necessary 750step walk to nearest shop and back. And not bed resting enough for trying to slowly get things done in house. And a bit too much browsing and reading and not being able to sleep sometimes. And being too shattered to get proper meals. All adds up. So I’ve not quite crippled myself but not good for much again. (Walking more doesn’t help, it’s not lack of fitness, my stamina declines with exertion and I previously walked 20miles average as a mother with M.E. before this current relapse, now five years ago and never fluctuating toward improvement since).

Anyway, enough of that. On the way to the shop, nice and early in the morning, Thursday, having been unable to sleep, I had the chance to take a couple of my fave kind of photo snaps. This isn’t the best one, I’m saving that for something else, but I love taking this kind of snap in my neighbourhood for documentation of my travels and my locality.

Not dew drops, rain drops... a rare walk out

It was my first walk out of the house in about 4 weeks. I hate being stuck at home. I’d be out for a walk for the hell of it, taking snaps and picking up found objects everyday if I could. Then I’d stand a slim chance of keeping a small job if able to walk enough to get to bus stop and back .

The flower in the pic in ecard at top of page was found as a bud in Autumn 2011, taken home and put on a saucer of water so I drew it when it opened. I was on my way to a British Art Show7 lecture when I found it. Mick Peter was the artist. Amazing what I remember for associating something I picked up even if only a piece of broken off heel or a ticket to a darts match. More common things like bottle tops and ring pulls are tricky unless unique…

I think  I’m submitting this post for this week’s travel trinket challenge too…


7 thoughts on “Blogging101 and reaching for last post…

  1. Editing later. Brainfog and using the app, had to grab my tablet and go to bed to try and post! I have been checking email, set me up yet? No I won’t be calling, maybe never again if you giving me to-do lists! 😉


  2. Ay up Col, you forgot link my blog! Lol – spotted the SPD tag though! 🙂 Don’t call me later, early night for work – just get into that draft, now setting you up before I forget…


  3. A beautiful post. Pictures and art are comely. 🙂

    Dear Colette,

    As I have a small attention span–let me ask you ( Please forgive me 😛 )

    is your art merely a hobby or you are doing it for a specific purpose? Did you meet this artist friend online or you are familiar with her offline too?

    I wish you a great weekend,



    1. Hi Vibrant, thanks for dropping by and commenting. I need to edit my post for blogging thru brainfog! Artist friend who sent me ecard is more writer than artist but neither professionally. He did make some very low-tech digital art from some of my pics using my direction and one of my fave low-tech methods. (Stu, Snailzpace Daily blog, comment below yours, link on his gravatar profile). He made the header image for our collaborative art blog and I adapted it for use here. I know it doesn’t stretch across full page in some views but quite like it framed like that. The pastel drawing at top of post is one of mine, made in 2011)
      The professional artist mentioned at bottom of my post, Mick Peter, gave the lecture I went to. I found the flower bud on the pavement on my to the university to attend that lecture. He was one of artists in British Art Show7. So I’ve seen some of his work and attended his lecture, but never met him 🙂
      Yes, hobbyist art, but a way of trying to develop ability to work one day also. For instance, what can you blog about to learn the tech stuff if you’re stuck at home with very little energy? Research is difficult for brainfog and reading is draining and difficult.
      Thank you for kindly leaving a reply. See you at your blog later for a feast of reading your latest postings 🙂

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  4. I love your artwork! And the photos and this post Colette. I can relate to so many things regarding the blogging, I will add I have become a commentaholic. I hope you can catch up on some r&r this weekend. Best wishes to you. ☺


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