Sandbox 2- spontaneous response – Balance

I didn’t feel like fully exploring the potential of answering the prompt questions because I’m nearing exhaustion point. Not as near maybe as sometimes while trying to make a post! But I should stop way before I reach that point. And here I am writing more about ‘balance!’ Anyway, I gave myself five minutes to free-write and can always return to expand the result or explore other ideas another time. Below is my five minute free-write response to the Sandbox W.C. week2 prompt:

Balancing- it’s about a year since I last felt well enough for the couple of minutes barefoot on my garden lawn practising a good stretch and balancing yoga-type excercise – probably not a proper yoga pose, just my way of doing it…

Balancing… I really need to balance my rest and activity – I do a dreadful job of it, ‘making myself ill’ by what seem like the smallest of efforts sometimes.

Getting a balanced diet – something else I do quite dreadfully for various reasons – cornflakes for dinner soon are at least vitamin enriched…

Balancing the books / budgeting – another continual failure…

Balancing…I’m sure I could write something meaningful and interesting if I’d only pay it some thought… but that’s hardly the point of a free-writing excercise and that’s how I’ll try and remember to approach these challenges..

Four minutes later and I don’t wanna do a ‘balance’ …what about treble and bass…not seen a stereo with that as a control option for years! (end)

Another time maybe I’ll find a pic to add and make something else from this post… now I feel ‘caught up’ with the prompts so far and look forward to the Week 3 prompt announcement tomorrow  from The Sandbox Writing Challenge 😀 


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