Toward ‘Food for Thought Tuesday’?…

…and trying a gallery post with some of my images…

Wow! how quick and easy is that! There’s only a few more days of #DrawingAugust left… I’m wondering if I can keep up with some small drawing every day into the beyond. (My theme is ‘the every day’ and I hope to discover that portfolio posts are easy to make as a gallery post! But that’ll be elsewhere…)

Away then to draft my foodie post proper, upon request… “…costed and nutrionally valued, photographed, on your own blog for a reblog till the tech issue irons out…” (What a tough taskmaster!) …

Nutritional value = full stomach & vitamin enriched bread (kept in fridge since purchase, use by date 14th August, still ok to eat) didn’t use full range of potential ingredients pictured…

cost = for one person using half a pack noodles, half tins of soup, peas and mushrooms, with two slices bread to make as filling as a dinner, approx 85p including cooking in electric mini-oven 10-15mins with supermarket value range foods; if buying those food items from nearest small shop = approx. £1.70

Sorry Stu, there’s art in your foodie-post – but it is my blog!!!


9 thoughts on “Toward ‘Food for Thought Tuesday’?…

    1. Thanks, but if you can draw a thread you could draw anything with self-belief and practice 😀 Almost all children can draw and I believe anyone can, but most don’t wish to or believe they can’t draw. I’ve been really out of practise for ages and appreciate your kind words of encouragement 🙂

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      1. Well, I guess the next step for me is thread and then rope.

        I do vaguely remember watching something on TV once, though, about someone — a scientist, I think, although I’ve forgotten the details — who took up sketching after he retired and became pretty darned good at it. I guess if he could do it…


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    Reblogging a great “Mid-week Morsels” post from my guest author Colette at The Wishing Well blog. Click the original post to visit her blog. Congrats on finishing your second run at blogging101 Col 😀 – and thanks for contributing the quotes (previous post, expect same daily now ta :D)


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