Toward ‘Food for Thought Tuesday’?…

…and trying a gallery post with some of my images…

Wow! how quick and easy is that! There’s only a few more days of #DrawingAugust left… I’m wondering if I can keep up with some small drawing every day into the beyond. (My theme is ‘the every day’ and I hope to discover that portfolio posts are easy to make as a gallery post! But that’ll be elsewhere…)

Away then to draft my foodie post proper, upon request… “…costed and nutrionally valued, photographed, on your own blog for a reblog till the tech issue irons out…” (What a tough taskmaster!) …

Nutritional value = full stomach & vitamin enriched bread (kept in fridge since purchase, use by date 14th August, still ok to eat)ย didn’t use full range of potential ingredients pictured…

cost = for one person using half a pack noodles, half tins of soup, peas and mushrooms, with two slices bread to make as filling as a dinner, approx 85p including cooking in electric mini-oven 10-15mins with supermarket value range foods; if buying those food items from nearest small shop = approx. ยฃ1.70

Sorry Stu, there’s art in your foodie-post – but it is my blog!!!


9 thoughts on “Toward ‘Food for Thought Tuesday’?…

    1. Thanks, but if you can draw a thread you could draw anything with self-belief and practice ๐Ÿ˜€ Almost all children can draw and I believe anyone can, but most don’t wish to or believe they can’t draw. I’ve been really out of practise for ages and appreciate your kind words of encouragement ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. Well, I guess the next step for me is thread and then rope.

        I do vaguely remember watching something on TV once, though, about someone — a scientist, I think, although I’ve forgotten the details — who took up sketching after he retired and became pretty darned good at it. I guess if he could do it…


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    Reblogging a great “Mid-week Morsels” post from my guest author Colette at The Wishing Well blog. Click the original post to visit her blog. Congrats on finishing your second run at blogging101 Col ๐Ÿ˜€ – and thanks for contributing the quotes (previous post, expect same daily now ta :D)


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