Not the bees-knees of artistry

MOON FLOWER 2012 (60 piece paper flower made for Diamond Jubilee - bee died naturally in my home and was 'saved'...)
MOON FLOWER 2012 (made during time of Diamond Jubilee)

Art is the stored honey of the human soul, gathered on wings of misery and travail.”

That quote from the novelist Theodore Dreiser, born this day in 1871 (died 1945) resonated with my memory of my artwork / the photo of it.

I made the paper flower for a student group exhibition coinciding with Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. The petals were rough diamond shapes cut-out from canvas type paper and the piece was stitched together using sixty stitches. The bee had died naturally in my home around the same time, found on a windowsill and so was ‘saved’…

I recalled that piece of my ‘art’ while researching quotes for a now daily guest blog feature at SnailzpaceDaily (quotes not repeated here).

Man Ray was born today apparently and I loved this quote from him too: “A creator only needs one enthusiast to justify him.”

Happy Birthday today also to Mark Webber to whom this quote is attributed:

“I would love to be better at cooking, but I hate cleaning up afterwards…”

I and probably millions of others couldn’t agree more and have probably said much the same ourselves 😀

(quotes sourced from, not checked for accuracy!)


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