September’s Monthly Look Ahead


(graphic courtesy of Coolbeans4, click to visit the event page)

Last month I joined in with this, making my post at One for Fun. I decided this time round to make my post here, while reviewing last month’s post. My ‘Looking Ahead’ parts of this post are in pink, because I can’t resist looking back to look forward and am waffling…

#DrawingAugust officially ended today. A few of my sketches are shown in my blog but I’ve yet to make a final full month’s post (maybe as a portfolio post, to learn how that works). I’m happy to have made some small sketch or doodle almost every day of the month, sometimes managing to draw for up to an hour, though mostly much shorter durations. (I did miss a couple of days along the way.) Hopefully I’m going to keep on with the habit of drawing something most days, however small or sketchy. I’d also really like to get my paints out and make some paintings, but the weather’s starting to get cooler and damper… drawing’s been challenging enough, so we’ll see.

I’ve neglected poor Mixt-ape and haven’t made any of those planned posts. Never mind, he doesn’t really understand the passing of time and hasn’t complained thus far. I might catch up.

I’ve managed to post in response to each of the Creativity Carnival prompts each week so far. Although not in my plans for August I also joined in with the weekly Sandbox Writing Challenge. I hope to continue both those and eventually incorporate one or two or more of the other challenge events I’d hoped to join in with.

Blogging101 was challenging but enjoyable. I did most of all the assignments, learnt more, practised more, browsed lots of new blogs and ‘met’ so many co-learners. I’ll hopefully keep up with reading at their blogs and stay in touch. I’ve signed up for September’s Writing101 and hopefully will keep up with that to the end and see it through. I’ll probably have to be strict on myself with participation time so as not to wear out.

I haven’t read any books over the last month, but have bought a couple of second-hand ones to add to my must read pile.

I’d really like to pay a visit to my mum, but it’s a long way and I’m not currently reliable for making fixed time arrangements like train journeys, but fingers crossed. I’m hoping to visit my grand-children, they’re quite close and I can spring a visit on them whenever’s mutually convenient/ possible.

There are lots of things I’d love to plan to do, but a day flies by and it seems no sooner the month starts than it’s rolling around to its end.

In spite of colder, wetter, windier weather I am looking forward to Autumn, longer hours of darkness when I actually manage to sleep and rise with the sun better. In summer, needing ten to twelve hours sleep with light nights means waking late in the morning. Early nights as soon as it’s dark then results in waking much earlier in the day.

Finally, September might be a bit early but I’m also looking forward to winter vegetables and eating stew and dumplings again 🙂 yum!


2 thoughts on “September’s Monthly Look Ahead

  1. I almost signed up for Writing 101 as well but decided to just stick with Blogging 201 instead. But I’ll be interested to find out if you like Writing 101 do I can maybe try it next time around!
    Thanks for participating! 🙂

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