Writing 365 #1 – point of no return

I downloaded the WordPress ‘365 Days of Writing Prompts’ a couple of days ago from their Ebook Library.  I’m aiming to start warming up with daily writing and blog posting before Writing101 starts next week and who knows, maybe I’ll continue with it all year…

I intended writing to the first prompt late last night but became distracted with an ‘Encouraging Thunder’ award nomination over on Fishing4Soup, making my post immediately so that task didn’t slip my mind like my Liebster post for this blog had. So, a quick reblog to acknowledge the lingering Liebster done and now a catch-up with writing yesterday’s and today’s prompt responses.

W101-365#1~ Groundhog Day – would I choose a day in my life to go back to and try and make right, groundhog style?

I’m not sure I would. What if the consequences meant that one or all of my children were never born as a result?! Or what if I never saved a puppy’s life, so never became a dog owner and so never had such a wonderful friend and companion? What if everyone were returning to past times to ‘correct’ their lives? What a messy tangled and chaotic web we would weave of time and relativity!

For all the mistakes, errors of ways, poor choices and tragedies that occur in our lives, how could we be sure how the consequences of small alterations in our past might play out in our present and future life? What would the impacts be on other individuals and even perhaps on our societies?

So, what if I had no choice but to choose a Groundhog Day from my past? The prompt doesn’t actually offer a choice, although obviously isn’t obligatory! Still, to be sure my dashboard doesn’t implode for failing to entertain the prompt at least a little better, I will have to make a choice!

I’d have to say I’d choose yesterday, to have as little impact on the time and relativity continuum as possible. That way, I might have had the common sense to acknowledge my latest award nomination and NOT sit up awake in bed all night making my post for it.

I might then have written this post on the day intended. I might then have been awake before mid-day today and proceeded to do my laundry as planned (I’d like to hang it outside to dry and it will need the whole day, but I might do it later for tomorrow so no big deal). I might then also have managed to do some extra things from my yesterday’s to-do list than I actually managed.

Would the things I achieved on the actual day still be already done when I returned? Would I be exhausted from my repeated efforts or return refreshed each time?  If that were so I might have managed some of the overgrown garden maintenance while the weather was dry as well. Then I could go back and decorate my kitchen a bit at a time, each time, until finished, all in one day! That would have to be the coolest feature of a Groundhog Day and might be the only way to ever make my daily to-do lists work out fully or nearly completed! Maybe I’d like one day like that every week until I’ve caught up with my backlog of domestic issues and then have one such day a month to be able to keep up with things!

On the other hand, I could have been stuck in repeat ever making things worse. My mother always said ‘we can’t rely on ifs, buts and maybes’ and I’m sure she’s right.

Some things can never be made right – if I thought about it more would I change my mind? I’ve not done anything that bad in my life that I couldn’t learn from it, accept my mistakes and be accepted for them, forgiven if necessary and moved on.

We can only ever do our best at the time and can never turn back the clock. If the means to do so were invented I don’t think you’ll find me in the queue waiting to collect my ticket.


Leap in, your comments and feedback are very welcome RSVP :)

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