Blooming tragedy (poem)

She was sweet sixteen when he met her,

she was the apple of his eye

and as soon as she was eighteen

he proposed and made her cry.

They had a long engagement

for their wedding to prepare,

She was twenty one when they married

and the weather was warm and fair.

They’d always wanted children,

to be a ‘proper’ family,

but nature wasn’t being kind,

for six years there was no pregnancy.

Then when she was twenty-seven

she suddenly seemed in full bloom

and when she had missed three cycles

they danced happily all round the room.

But alas their celebration soon turned to tragedy

for the pregnancy was ectopic

and she was never a mother to be.

(Copyright 2015, Colette B. The Wishing Well)

written in response to the picture prompt below for Shafali’s Creativity Carnival #5



8 thoughts on “Blooming tragedy (poem)

  1. Reblogged this on femininematerz and commented:
    Many women and families struggle with having a baby. It can be a seriously emotionally draining journey. Some get to laugh when they achieve pregnancy and the baby arrives but some may never become pregnant even though they so badly want to. Is there hope for such a woman or family? I say look around you an adopt that baby that has been abandoned or would never have a mother’s love. There is so much more you can live for…have faith and enjoy the best of life still…Enjoy this beautiful poem that captures the story of a young couple’s struggle with having a baby by Colete…In her blog are a beautiful collection of posts.

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  2. I’d had some loosely similar thoughts from the poxket watch first of all. Your ilustration is superb – the girl on the left is so young, fresh and innocent looking. The lady on the right has a look of such sadness. The page numbers with the subtle differentations in the faces and the intertwining hair – and the trailing bookmark suggested a book of one individual’s life between those ages. I guessed those years are typically the most fertile. A close friend had an ectopic pregnancy and then couldn’t have children though she had one successful pregnancy first. I’d had a story on mind and with the first line was going to outline the plot but it gave birth to itself as a poem instead. Sorry that’s more explained than you asked! I’m glad you liked it and hope you’re feeling better. Thank you for commenting 🙂

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  3. You are simply amazing. This is the closest anyone has gotten to deciphering the artwork! I can’t believe this. What made you connect the dots of the numbers with the age?


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