Writing365 #5 – Imagine…

Imagine I might have been out anywhere to observe people and imagine their lives… I made it out of the house briefly three times last month, an increase on previous months. I could try and think back to one of those, who do I remember seeing on my way to, from or during my visit to the nearest shop. Or I could just make it up from a collage of memory fragments and then imagine. Maybe I should just imagine myself getting a life…

Or maybe save it for an excercise another day. Perhaps one morning or afternoon I could spend a few minutes or more on my front garden observing who happens to walk past and imagining their lives. Or I could imagine the life of my postman. Or I could avoid writing to this prompt altogether.

(Download the WordPress ebook of writing prompts here)

It’s getting late, today’s not been a good day for energy. Not that any are but I managed a fair bit of writing this week – if you call things like a few short blog posts, one 1500word rant and a 500 word story ‘a fair bit of writing’.

I thought I was managing to pace myself well lately but today I was so wiped out. Blogging’s been my main exertion this week and so the main source of my exhaustion – other than perhaps the impact of stress for an unexpected correspondence of debt recovery for an issue I’d believed to have been settled and then another piece of stressful news also affecting my income.

It’s really difficult managing energy and activity levels when you think you’ll be ok but it hits you like a brick to the head a day or two after effort, or ongoing efforts build up and accumulate and swallow you whole when you least expect it. Especially when those efforts are such small things.

I’m a bit fed up that summer’s passed so quickly and I’ve not had the health improvements I’d hoped for while the weather’s been warmer. I was only actually warm for about a month, once the temperature reached twenty-six degrees I was warm enough. I’m already starting to feel really cold again and not looking forward to having to wear a hat indoors again within a few weeks.

Writing 101 starts Monday. I’m looking forward to it but will have to be quite strict on myself regarding reading and feedback time because it is so draining , especially when it is every day assignments.

I signed up for the Coursera Modern Poetry MOOC weeks ago and just realised that starts later this week too. I don’t expect I’ll manage to do that much learning time or manage the intensity of discussion and critique. I think it suggested it would take at least five hours of study time a week – for me that five hours might actually take fifteen. I might just try and follow the course minimally, loosely and leisurely rather than abandon any hope. I’ll have to see how it works and if that’s viable. Ten weeks is also pushing my sustainability limitations. If it’s like the last online courses I enrolled to I’ll get no further than the first week to find I really don’t have the cognitive energy to watch video lectures or do the required coursework. (I didn’t count blogging101 in that statement, as it’s not a course in quite the same way, nor is writing101  – they’re challenging enough and good learning opportunities and practise experiences but in an accessible, non-academic way, which is great.)

So, I haven’t yet made a blogging schedule or editorial calendar as per blogging101 task suggestions because with doing this writing365 thing i seem to have set myself to do each day, with the Sandbox writing challenge and the creativity carnival, I kind of have a flexible schedule to meet in a non-pressured way and writing101 will extend that. So no need really for a schedule until about four to six weeks by which time I’ll have a range of baseline activity info to use to plan what is a sustainable level and set realsitic goals. I might not take another wordpress course unless poetry comes up next or until it does, depends what’s on offer really. Anyway, I’m talking to myself again and I really should stop.


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