Free-writing afterthoughts, just because…

There’s something very appealing and very different about ‘writing on the wire’ as I call it. It has a living edge, a unique quality that offline writing doesn’t share. I write more reliably perhaps with the energy that ‘live writing’ provides.

Right now I’m trying a post using the tiny virtual keyboard on my mobile phone. It felt awful last time I tried, but then I’d not thought to turn my phone to horizontal view. Doh! It’s still a bit awkward but not too bad for a quick post.

Why am I writing? To have some purpose and keep myself out of mischief 😉

I have a sensible afterthought somewhere in me to post in extra answer to the original question. It will follow somewhere at some point. Maybe.

My formal post in response to the day 1 writing101 assignment is over at my other blog. Somehow it didn’t show in the reader although I used the tag. So wondering now this might only work for my ‘registered’ blog for the course. I wasn’t sure which one of my blogs that was(!) This extra post is to test that hypothesis.

Looking forward to the next assignment now, but not a good idea to be awake for it again! Hopefully I’ll be switching myself off now.

Why am I writing? What else would I do?


Leap in, your comments and feedback are very welcome RSVP :)

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