Writing365 #7 – what is a luxury?

Today’s Writing 365 prompt suggests writing about one luxury you can’t live without.

I’d say water. Some would say that’s not a luxury, that’s an essential. I would of course agree. At the same time however I would assert it is the truest form of luxury in the whole world, especially being clean, safe water available from a tap in the comfort of our own homes. That’s an incredible privelege that is too often taken for granted. Second would be a toilet, whether that’s indoor or outdoors, at long as it flushes to the sewers and waste is treated and not ending up in our seas and rivers. Third would be toilet paper though actually that might be first!

Someone else might tell me those are not luxuries above having a telephone or high speed internet access. Anyone who knows me might say ‘it’s your tobacco you can’t live without’ and that’s the luxury I should write about.

I’d say, what would I write? Tobacco is my medicine, I feel worse without it, it doesn’t make my chest hurt like alcohol does. My lungs are good and I don’t get out of breath (not only for not exerting but even when I’ve had to exert).

Tobacco use is spiritual, connects me to fresh air and is occasionally the reason I manage to walk to the nearest shop and so get excercise. It’s a scapegoat for being the cause of cancer while heavy metals and toxic chemicals and a host of carcinogenic causes are tolerated and it’s my only means of contributing to V.A.T!

I don’t use factory made cigarettes and I use a very low-tar hand-rolling tobacco. It’s bad enough we’re not allowed god’s gift of marijuana! Please leave my tobacco alone! What about the work my tobacco use provides? I don’t use a big amount. Would be better of course if government took less tax and producers could pay their labourers more.

I do wish the powers that be had had the sense to publicise deforestation for tobacco plantation rather than, or at least alongside the alleged health risks. Seeing those theatrical killer warning signs on my packets does nothing but make me want to collage them into some kind of abstract composition. The gold leaf branding on my packet reminds me of trees and my responsibility to limit my use for the sake of the earth. I don’t like the idea of branding being removed from my tobacco for safety and security a branded product provides and for that iconic logo that reminds me to keep my use modest. Buying brand-free packaging product might make me smoke more – or I’ll only buy illegal VAT products because if I have to take the risk of plain packaging and no quality assurance then I will not be paying VAT for it!

Originally I was going to write hot water on tap is the luxury I can’t live without, but I’ve had to for eighteen months already. So that’d be a fat fib then. I do have a kettle to boil water for cleaning and washing up and I do have an electric shower that’s been incorrectly wired to the power switch but still works fine! So I’m not entirely without means of hot water, just at risk of spills, scalds and electrocution for not just being able to turn a tap and fill a sink or bath. imagine what anyone else in the world puts up with – that’s what I’ll be saying as my house falls down around my ears and I’m improvising from whatever’s left.

Never mind. Life itself is the luxury we cannot live without. I wish I’d thought of that first and not aired this rant – but now it’s out there I don’t be taking it back in 😀


2 thoughts on “Writing365 #7 – what is a luxury?

  1. 😀 I LOVE a good rant! And you’re exactly right. Clean drinking water IS a luxury. And people who don’t believe that should be left out in the desert with a few scattered mud holes for three or four days! (Ooo! o_O That sounds mean, doesn’t it! 😮

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