a 3×3 list, likes, learning and wishes…

This post was inspired by Margot’s list format here – thank you Margot for demonstrating a really good way of using the task prompt! 

I really enjoyed Margot’s use of threes to make a list for each of the suggested themes. I also felt that focussing on the day in hand was an excellent idea. I’ve not seen another like it yet, but then it’s impossibIe to keep up with all co-learner posts. I was so impressed I just had to try out this method, borrow and adapt the structure for a list of my own.

Things I like about today:

  • another day of being creative in at least some minimal way
  • that a recent new blogging friend I have much respect and admiration for paid me the honour of writing a wonderful spontaneous poem in a comment to me (and for all the wonderful people in the blogosphere)
  • that I still have a home, my dog and a garden on the edge of a beautiful area of the English countryside.

Things I’ve learnt or been reminded of today

  • I should set weekly time to dust and polish my posts – sort stray typos etc, presentation issues and also for finding /adding images
  • that I often need to go the long way round in resolving a simple basic task!
  • forgetting to feed my dog, she we will destroy something of mine in the house while I am present in the same room and don’t even notice

Things I wish for today

  • that I can afford heating soon because I’m cold, it worsens my symptoms and I’m already wearing two thick cardigans
  • that writing101 assignment tasks came out at 8 or 9am GMT rather than 0:00GMT so I’m not sub-consciously eagerly awaiting the next assignment brief and disrupting my sleep cycle! 
  • that I had a magic wand to end the suffering of others first and hopefully eventually myself also.

All very impossible and /or selfish wishes! Most wishes often are, or they’re not a wish, but an aim, goal or objective. I don’t really believe in wishing in threes,
which is one of the reasons why the header I ‘commissioned’ has four dandelion clocks!

 I found I”ve had to go round the long way to achieve the list task and this my fourth attempt, though I actually now also have a list of potential lists to make, having worked through this far. All my writing101 responses at their various venues are indexed here, should you be curious to check out what I’m getting up to during writing101 and maybe have a lucky dip at something you might fancy reading or browsing (word counts and post types included in the index).


2 thoughts on “a 3×3 list, likes, learning and wishes…

    1. Thank you for visiting, reading and sparing time to comment 🙂 It would be wonderful to end those four evils in the world for all people wouldn’t it! We proclaim to be a civilised and intelligent species so shouldn’t need a magic wand to resolve those issue 🙂

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