Writing365 #8 – excited?

(Download the WordPress ebook of writing prompts here)

Oh it really is so sad to have to reveal that the last thing I got excited about was just before the new writing 101 course opened. I’m currently participating in this as you may notice from my new this week posting frenzy.

I didn’t realise how excited I was until I found myself wondering if I could stay awake Sunday night until the Commons opened and to check for the first task prompt. I actually couldn’t and went to sleep.

I woke from a bad dream in the early hours and before my eyes were fully open was reaching for my mobile phone itching to find out if I’d signed up correctly and could get into the Commons and to see what the first prompt was.

After not being able to get back to sleep I was then making a start…

I have such an exciting life generally that is the best example I can give of anything vaguely exciting but exciting enough for me at the moment, thanks DP, thanks WordPress 😀


Leap in, your comments and feedback are very welcome RSVP :)

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