Writing365 #9 one step beyond -what – a twist?

Madness … I’d have liked to have listened to some today but three CDs was more than enough. I love singing and to be airing my lungs and re-co-ordinating my brain with making some noise is always therapeutic and energising. Not that it actually gives me energy as such.

So, I listened to Finlay Quaye’s ‘Maverick A Strike, then John Martyn’s ‘Solid Air’ and finally The Cardiacs ‘The Whole World Window’. I thought about memorable lines and how I might use some of them as prompts, never being far in thought from writing101. Also some of those songs are influential in part in things I’ve made before perhaps or have some connection and that’s another way for me to throw a post together.

Today’s Writing365 prompt suggests writing a story and giving it ‘a twist we can’t see coming’. I’m not in story writing frame of mind and as soon as I make my ‘delaying this prompt’ box, I’ll pop it in for another day.That’s as good a twist as I’m capable of right now. I’d tell you I danced earlier today too – except that gives the wrong impression. Once or twice for a couple of minutes a time I found myself doing the dub-step. That’s an improvement, however geriatric as a form of movement and excercise. I will be happy when I can do the twist!

I have already noted a whole load of prompts from this WordPress ebook of 365 days of writing prompts here that could be used any day of the year and repeatedly at intervals. Such as referring to music or using fragments from the lyrics just as one example. As I’ve now written another 300 words (almost), offered my excuses in response with a slight twist attached, I’m not drawing on that back up list today.

Besides, it’s just past 5am and I’ve not even been in the Commons nor checked the new writing101 prompt yet! Nor yet done my page for day 3 that’s burning a hole in my brain as I type this. So I’m off to switch that brain-boiler to simmer down for sleep soon and that page can wait too. (I did sleep extra in the day yesterday and so just keep sliding into the stream of consciousness co-learner alternate time zone… !)


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