Suicide Awareness Day – A candle for condolence, remembrance and hope


If you are thinking of committing suicide, please seek help.

Thank you again to Cathy for reblogging a post that made me aware that today is Global Suicide Awareness Day. (The above banner was downloaded from the official I.A.S.P. website and the grey border added to mark the solemn reminder that individuals, children and families all over the world are in some way affected by suicide, suicidal compulsion or tendencies, or suicidal thoughts.)

Whilst also grateful to the originator of the reblogged post I saw, I am also feeling it inappropriate to ‘put on my dancing shoes’ and join a link-up ‘cocktail party’ this evening. No offence intended – I did reblog that post myself as an accesible way of helping bring the Awareness Day to the attention of others in advance of this day.

I lit my candle at 8pm and it will stay lit until it extinguishes itself (while I am present, of course – also placed my tealight candle safely within a glass jar, as it’s near to a net curtain). I spent an hour in mostly silence and reflection while I adapted my daily guest-blogger post of quotes from writers born this day for Snailzpace Daily to raise awareness from that venue also. 

I lit my candle for my window and made the following image from a photo of my lit candle to place it in my virtual window here. This is also as a mark of remembrance, condolence for those experiencing loss and bereavement

and hope for those suffering suicidal thoughts.


I don’t wish to write anything more to add to this post at this moment in time. I am spending the evening in quiet reflection.

Awareness raising and positive action need not be limited to one day.  


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