Writing365 #14 – breathing – breathe deep and let it go…

Today’s prompt in the downloadable ‘365 Days of Writing’ from the Daily Post at WordPress suggests grabbing the nearest book, finding the tenth word and conducting a google image search for that word, for inspired writing from one of those images.

That’s interesting, because top of the pile of the nearest books at the tenth word of chapter one is the word ‘breathing’.*

The screenshot I’ve used is from the google image search page, zoomed to crop and pixelate my full size version. It’s not been appropriated in any other way than to take repeat screenshots in my favourite way to trick myself into trying to click those x’s and toolbar options. Apologies reader if they confuse you but you are in my blog, not a software window 😉 ORIGINAL IMAGE CREDIT: this section shown above has been taken from a full image, copyright: mimiandeunice.com You can see the original image at http://mimiandeunice.com/2011/06/29/regulated-breathing/ where the creator also has an ’embed comic’ button. I prefer to point you to their own website and recommend a visit 🙂

I realise that for some strange reason the goo-goo-logo is strictly copyright and have read somewhere that even each individual letter of the word ‘google’ is copyrighted, unless that’s a myth. I wouldn’t doubt it and wouldn’t wish a litigation issue from one of my favourite providers. Hopefully typing in google isn’t illegal now! How would I use my browser? I’d be stuck with my firewall provider’s home page for goodness sake, as it has to be my default home page according to terms of free firewall use, so I have the added inconvenience of typing ‘google’. Even that’s less useful than it used to be now all the rubbish floats to the top of the search pages. Hundreds and thousands of results and I can’t go beyond page 30 of results! That’s no good, I used to be able to input a page number and just go to it. That brought up some fantastic finds!

I need a better search engine! For now, as I suspect I may not under any circumstances nick a borrow of their corporate mega-identity in any way, unlike some professionals who I’d also best not mention, my next illustration to illustrate my google image search for this writing to prompt will have to be a simple photo.

My laptop where I am researching this writing and the prompt sources - a book and a google image search page.
My laptop where I am researching this writing and the prompt sources – a book* and a go-g00-g00ogle image search page.

It does seem silly to not feel comfortable sharing a screenshot of their image search page made for my personal use (for my writing reference visual notes and future use for potential writing prompts). Far more important than any Google concerns are (a) appropriate accreditation to the creators of those images shown and (b) my access to the WordPress platform! If I were barred for copyright breeches – which I’m unlikely to make other than perhaps in error or misjudgement – it would be like removing from me the air that I breathe…

* The book from which the tenth word prompted the image search and combined prompted this post: Griff Rhys Jones ‘Semi-Detached’ ISBN: 978-0-141-01287-2


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