Writing365 #15 Failing help

Thinking today about when was the last time I should have helped someone but didn’t.

I don’t usually refuse to help, so I struggled a it with this prompt.

Back in February I had a support worker from a homeless prevention charity trying to help me. … but to have his help I needed to do more to help him support me by communicating on my behalf than it would have taken to do those things myself.

It was a really difficult time. I sometimes said ‘I’ll just do that myself’ because I was so in pain and shattered I just wanted him to leave me in peace to rest but mostly didn’t manage to do those things I said I’d take care of. There was plenty I was told he’d help with when the charity assessment took place, like claim forms and letters, but I was assumed capable because months before I typed a 12page letter – he’d needed to take a copy of it.

He couldn’t be a mind reader and know that when I said things like ‘I’ll be ok there’s still food in the cupboard’ it was because I was too ill to cook and too frugal with my rations also desperate to make things last enough – and there really wasn’t much. He referred me to a Sally-Army food bank but I wasn’t well enough to walk there nor to get the bus if I even had the fare.

My support ended because I was too ill to answer the phone when he called and when he tried to make a visit I was in bed ill so not had his email notifying me that same day and i didn’t hear the door.

It doesn’t fit the prompt neatly but I should have helped my support worker help me better by being better able to do what he needed me to do…


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