The doctor’s wife had executed her lumbering approach to the diplomat with all the elephantine grace of a typical British seduction…

This quote is taken from the nearest book at the time, at the pages that fell open, scanning until I found a point of interest.  It’s the opening line of the first paragraph of page 135 of  Boris Akunin’s ‘Murder on the Leviathan’ ISBN:0-75381-843-4 (a book I’ve not read yet).

The quote interested me both for the opening statement of that paragraph and the linguistic style. (I read after that the author is Russian and the story is set in the late 19th century.)

In the text a conversation follows about the weather and I started drafting a poem based on that popular topic of everyday conversation. I’ll finish it at some point, but here’s part of that draft:

Whatever the weather we’ll ever complain with
our unsticking point to find something to say
strike up a conversation that will drift like the drizzle
or perhaps in a heatwave be flimsy and frizzle
And why such surprise at my love for the rain –
Isn’t it lovely for fresh air again!
– Mostly obtained by a door left ajar,
whatever the weather I don’t walk that far but
I do so rejoice at the sounds and effects
but whatever the weather it leaves us perplexed…

(So that needs some effort maybe another time.)

This is my third response to the writing101 task but was my first idea for a quote to respond to. The first two can be found at my main writing101 blog. I’ve now found that it’s the way these themes display a block quote to not have the grey block background I expected, so I’m fighting a losing battle and have to put up with the tumblr type line instead. Posts in the reader are stripped of theme elements and the block quote text displays correctly there. Maybe I’ll look at changing themes in the next few weeks… 


4 thoughts on “Approach

  1. Not really, I note some things or read them into the voice recorder on my phone and never get back to using anything! It’s just for fun sometimes and for the ‘maybe one day…’ 😀 …Enjoyed your posts too, thanks for comments 🙂

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    1. Lol, I don’t know, I’ve not read it yet. it was a second hand bargain and just looked interesting. I know as much about it so far as I’ve written in my post.It actually looks like quite an easy read.
      I don’t manage to read much though and am trying to read another book at the mo called ‘Shoes Were For Sunday’ by Molly Weir. I’ve a few books I’ve been meaning to get round to reading but quite often just dip in to random paragraphs and read short sections out of context or hunt for fragments from them. 🙂

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