Writing365 #18 – step on it

I don’t get why this prompt is titled as it is. I must’ve missed some 2013 news item or  previously trending saying or something. It’s been bothering me so much so that I haven’t yet tackled a fairly straight-forward prompt.

The only challenge that might see me hiding in the bathroom is when debt collectors knock at my door and I pretend to not be home. I know it’s no-one important as they knock differently and so I know it’s safe to answer.

I’m supposed to be writing about public-speaking not doorstep harassment!

I’d have to be well enough to be up and about. I’ve no experience of big public speaking. I only have mostly fairly small scale experiences to judge by. I know to expect butterflies and probably some stumbling speech and mistakes!

I once very politely made a pain of myself at a national conference repeating and rephrasing a question to the then Minister responsible for Health (1999). I didn’t get butterflies then I don’t think, nor stumble with my speech. She was avoiding giving an answer to my question other then a glossed over fobbing off and I wanted a concrete answer so was persistent. Funny, that connects with the doorstep mentioned above  – to make the most of what was on my doorstep was the best answer she could give me.


Leap in, your comments and feedback are very welcome RSVP :)

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