Attempt at a humorous series of vignettes (part1)

writing101 – day 13 – vignette(?)

Just before he kissed my cheek he’d hummed right by my ear. He danced in flight so gracefully but I didn’t want him near! I nearly lost my hipsters as I chased him out the door: “Buzz off and do your dance elsewhere! I’m busy with my chores!” 


I hunted in the shadows to try and find my vital force. I thought I’d bake a cake today but I was missing the eggs and more. I made do with bread and butter, a few squirts of honey so pure – it was a beautiful golden yellow with such appetising allure. 


I thought we’d watch a movie and stuffed my face some more,with crisps and nuts then bubblegum for there was no popcorn! It was no disaster but my chortle made me choke – and that was a destruction scene so I really should not joke! 


I tried to seek a comfort break and so did run toward the stairs, but on my way I stumbled and my spillage duly flared. It was quite a perfumed puddle and I really had to go, there was laughter still as I returned although I’d cleaned up so… 


It was a prime time to fetch in cheesecake, now at last that it was thawed, we hummed and sang to karaoke, this was no time for being bored. We laughed and laughed until we cried and then we laughed again. Hopefully my little calamity my pals would now forget. 

Thanks to Jenn for suggesting the humorous theme and word count limit and issuing some prompt words, also Smiley for other prompt words. I also gleaned a few extra words to use in this piece from a couple of other potentially collaborating bloggers twitter feeds (Sarah & Megan).

Interested in chat about collaboration, making some quick-fire free association responses in twitter feeds, suggesting task prompts etc. All welcome to join the twitter conversation at #BUw101 … maybe see you there 🙂


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