writing365 #24 & #25 void, celebration…

(from 365 days of writing ebook)

For a moment today, time stands still — but you can tweak
one thing while it’s stopped. What do you do?

I’d been thinking about this prompt in the day’s before I would be writing – that should have happened yesterday! I could not get any further in my thinking than wondering how would I know time had stopped for that moment? I was sure I would miss it!

I realised this morning that I completely forgot my intended writing task and so actually did miss it… In my everyday life, time often does seem to have stood still. All that’s actually happened in those moments is that hours have disappeared into the void of this time warp I keep finding myself lost in…

Today’s prompt suggests writing about how you would celebrate some improbable, hoped-for, good news…

When the day arrives, to wake, then find

some miracle has, overnight, 

brought cure to ill-begotten strifes,

I’ll take a walk with no backlash

buy ice-cold beer for not much cash

and drink it on my way…

I’ll jump aboard the next due bus

first take a trip to town, to surely 

find some exhibition for an immediate playground.

I’d grab a supermarket sandwich, banana, bag of crisps – 

they’ll help me keep-a-going so

my play can still persist…

I’d take a stroll around the centre,

snap round Old Market Square –

I’d maybe do some sketching,

oh I wish that I were there!

Twice more I’d catch another bus and journey there and back

or then drag out my daughter

for her fave coffee at Starbucks…

Then I’d ride the Nottingham Snail (tram),

 make more play along this line.

Pay more rounds of visits

to my son’s for family time.

I’d have playtime with my grandkids,

maybe call pizza for our tea,

or take a trip to the nearby McDonalds

for us to all have a happy meal.

So that’s not all that ambitious

but it would make a lovely change

to wake up in the morning

able to so extend my range!

For now I’ll make my celebrating by

here writing in this  rhyme,

for now that’s all there is to do

but I sure can hope that once upon a good time…

(copyright, ColetteB. The WishingWell, 25/09/2015)


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