Shiny Sandbox 7 – clearing

What makes you shine? asks this weeks Sandbox Writing Challenge. I’m finding that a tough one.

I’m old and quite

rusty and really

so dusty

Anxious that surely

I must

smell much

musty still

tatty and worn

out of doors to ador’n

alternate attire

shine alike a live

wire brush the cobwebs

aside holla I’m so

alive with a la

me so doh

fah ray doh la


If you were near

thru four walls

you might hear how

I call to a song

to be carried

along – although if

that makes shiny

and shuts up

my whiny then all

well and good

me so fah.

I’m not sure that answers the challenge prompt.  The only thing I can think of that really makes me feel shiny most days these days is those still rare occasions when I feel like having a good sing along to something. There’s nothing quite like singing to air the lungs, release tensions, excercise deep internal muscle and clear the head. I used to sing at least once every day to at least one or two CDs as a way of distracting from pain while cooking and washing up at a proper regular time of day every day properly.

My silly ditty in response just happened itself out to try and express that shininess for singing in a way that’s more interesting at least to me than paragraphs like these. Or I had to air it that way first to clear the way for writing. When I haven’t sung in a while I feel far more lack-lustre for the absence of song. Listening and not joining in doesn’t have the same therapeutic action.


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