Writing365 #30 – g-lobe-trotter?

Today’s writing365 prompt offers the opportunity to write something about where you would go to live with a family anywhere in the world if you could. Pausing time is mentioned, perhaps so that you won’t be missed at home by your own immediate family. Most people have responsibilities of one kind or another so I guess time would need to stop… hear, hear! 🙂

i’m always torn in two by wishing to live nearer my mum and brothers and wanting to stay nearer my kids and grandkids. Never mind time stopping, I’d rather stay at home. I’m in no fit state to stay with a family. Very unimaginative of me. I like where I am. Another prompt to the future writing pot… although I was going to … another day… I’m already feeling in two places at once…

Writing 101 had yesterday’s task as searching archives for something to make a post of and as we near the end, now Day 19 (as of first of October and already past midnight while I write) that suggestion could take place every day of the year for every year to come! Today’s assignment revolves around mapping or use of maps and I’ve so far chosen to interpret that differently. i’m just not cover this terrain in a hurry but will be taking the scenic route and at the same time being in at least two places at once will be playing with this mapping idea a bit more.

I’ve combined these two days prompts once with a post and then a page over there with some old CD archived photo and digital art files from 2001 and 2005; I’ve added some elements today including a new poem of a sort. They’re not quite as per my usual shitty first drafts, worse still… although you might have seen something vaguely similar before, but then … I’ve deprived myself of sleep for a bit too long, it’s late, I’m having an early night three or fours ago…Wordpress hit pause, right?


2 thoughts on “Writing365 #30 – g-lobe-trotter?

  1. You know, I’m finally figuring that out, too, that you have to hit pause. I have three assignments plus today’s that I have to do for 101 yet. But I figure they always give you a week to catch up at the end anyway. So hit pause and go have a nap, girlfriend! 😀

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