Writing 101 – a day to embrace and celebrate the potentials of collaboration

We had some warning a few days ago in Writing101 of a an assignment for today’s task to publish posts involving some kind of collaboration. Hopefully I have secured a very special guest post to publish either later today or quite soon after. 

Just one piece toward a bigger picture?… (image cropped from my sketch photo)

I also obtained some collaborative engagement in a group poem with a quite difficult and strange prompt from the wri365DPprompt-ebook. If you’d like to take part in the collaborative poem you can do so by adding a line, verse, or even just a general comment at this post at ‘One4Fun I’m leaving it open until mid-day, 2nd October, UK time – then I’ll be constructing and publishing a collaborative poem from those submissions with full credit given to contributors to post before midnight tomorrow.

Please note, that I’ve been involved in several chats regarding collaboration – I love to collaborate and I enjoy working together to form new group or partnership ideas not just centring on my own ideas. I would be thrilled to work in any way with my other potential collaborative friends, so please don’t feel I’ve abandoned you 🙂

I didn’t add a contact form here for this task previously, because I had to learn how simple it was to do first! I’m not sure anyone used the one I made as a page at my other blog, so I’ll add one here in case it’s useful to any of you. If we’ve not chatted about collaborating and like to get in touch for future potentials of working together, then I’d love to hear from you. 


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