Perfection with the Sandbox Writing Challenge #8 (and W201poetry)

The writing201poetry prompt today suggests using the acrostic form. The suggested theme is a gift or gifting. I don’t think I’ve covered simile* here, or at least not intended to. I’ve combined that task above with the Sandbox Writing Challenge prompt:

Presently imperfect, inprecise and intertwined

Entangled in this presence is a note to soon

Remind – of a present to be sure to ready, soon and in good time –

Forget me not and keep in mind

Eventually soon arrives.

Curtailing expectations cos perfection’s out of reach

Timely dedication

Interactions to beseech

Overcoming barriers to present a gift in thought – although

Not costing any money still remains a gift of sorts…

The Perfection prompt for this last week’s Sandbox Writing Challenge left me wondering what on earth I might write. What is my idea of perfection? I’m still questioning that. I always wonder why some people tell me that I’m ‘a perfectionist’ – but that makes no sense to me whatsoever! I’m so full of ‘that’ll do’ and quite happy with imperfect. 

*I’ll have to check what it means again – something very not alike phrased as if similar? something like that but I can never remember for sure but can’t be bothered to go check. I don’t mind being wrong. Not even in writing. So, y’see, how can I possibly be ‘a perfectionist’? I’m not… but you can bet I’m still told that I am.


6 thoughts on “Perfection with the Sandbox Writing Challenge #8 (and W201poetry)

    1. I’ll be back to yours soon too – I bet I left the tab open still to leave comments, I made way back to your haiku and was gonna start from there but bet I got myself lost and forgot 🙂 i really like the crash course in poetry and different type of form every day but still on a go slow with it 🙂

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  1. How clever to kill two birds with one stone! I’m kind of with you. That doesn’t seem to be a perfectionist. You’re pretty willing to dive into all this writing and try anything!!! Good job! Sorry I’m so slow getting it posted. Have been battling a bad cold since we got back from meeting our grand-daughter and I’m moving at a snail’s pace… Sigh…

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    1. I only got it posted very late last night/early hours here so you haven’t delayed at all – I just put link in comments to save you editing page in a hurry or even at all as I’m so late again – but thank you for kind comments , it just seemed perfect to use the tow tasks in one and resolve how I’d approach my last minute Sandbox play again 🙂 hope you’re feeling better soon and your cold doesn’t take full hold :)x

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