Dig Deep -er?

This week at Sandbox Writing Challenge #9 I’m supposed to consider what I might say to try and impress the lady pictured in the challenge post. I can only imagine this woman must be my potential new landlord. Possibly because of the wallpaper behind her. Still, I hold no hope of impressing her, nor of her allowing me to rent her house. Especially when I tell her that ‘nice’ paper has to go and I have plenty of deep purple.

Image via unsplash.com
Image via unsplash.com

I can’t imagine trying to impress anyone else so am being totally hopeless with the whole excercise and can’t answer the post-prompt-questions either. I’m as near derelict of the desire to impress as the room pictured above that I imagine that nice lady offering to rent for more than it’s worth and long before it’s fit and ready.

I just don’t have enough energy or imagination right now to apply my current, past or even hopeful future circumstances to any situation requiring making a good impression.


5 thoughts on “Dig Deep -er?

  1. We all get that way sometimes, don’t? It just takes too much energy to try and figure out what the be impression would be. And if we’re trying to figure out an angle, then it’s not really the REAL us anyway, is it? Good answer!

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    1. You’re always so kind, thank you 🙂 I’m not sure it is a good answer but at least it’s some kind of answer and I didn’t want to put it off and be any later 🙂 Se you soon for the next challenge 🙂

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