Sandbox Writing Challenge #13

This week’s Sandbox challenge requires imagining finding this…


… and discussing what it means to you and how it relates to your life…

The first thing that sprang to mind when I saw this really was ‘vicious circle’; then that it’s a space to draw a star(!) Then I thought it symbolises the earth. But if I had to relate it directly to my own life it could only mean one of either two things:

(a) It’s the beginning of building a castle and is the line to mark out the moat. As usual effort takes place a little too late as the tide is rolling in fast, so the design in mind is never made and only planned, in rough outline;

(b) It is the shape of my whole life, about to washed away by the tide: circularity and cyclical certainty of perpetually being drawn and washed out – the vicious circle of trial and error, of cause and effect.

Maybe I should have stuck with only seeing the star that waits to be drawn within that circle on the sand… another day it will simply represent the sun that still shines somewhere, even when we can’t see it from our own point of view for the dark clouds 😉


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