Happy Diwali

You probably can’t help but notice the new bright background but it is Diwali in the UK today and so my blog is dressing up ready – it may actually go through several costume changes throughout the day as I play around a little with colour and background pattern.


At my other blog I have this poppy as a background to mark Armistice Day, before letting loose with colour there too by evening.

Should a poppy be respectfully red or peacefully white? I can never decide. I won’t be likely to wearing a poppy in person this year as I’m not likely to be making it out of the house. Never mind, my blogs are wearing poppies for me instead.


2 thoughts on “Happy Diwali

    1. Hallo, sorry to leave you concerned – I’m ok but thoroughly drained, unable to concentrate well and been needing more rest. I forget how quickly time flies and how long it’s been since I posted or visited!


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