Sandbox Writing Challenge Review#1

I’ve been shocked to see how long I’ve been AWOL at my blog(s)! I really enjoy taking part in the Sandbox Writing Challenge but seem to have fallen out of the habit lately. I was surprised to have missed so many and somehow stuck in mind at #14 to find two extra weeks have slipped by since! I thought I’d take on this week’s challenge and then try and catch up and keep up again. This (last) week prompts us to review the excercises completed so far – and those four months have flown by! I started by making a list and linking my posts – that’s now at the bottom of the page but was a helpful way of seeing those gaps.

This week Ms. Allen wants us to take time to go back and look over the exercises we’ve done and answer these questions:

  1. Did any of your answers surprise you? Why or why not?
  2. Was there any one exercise that felt more emotionally “charged” than the others? If so you may want to take a few moments and write a bit more about it. But only write until the “energy” runs out.
  3. Are there exercises that feel incomplete? Go with your energy. Complete those exercises now. You’ll know they are finished when your energy is spent and the exercise feels complete.

So, taking those questions in reverse order:

Q3: incomplete excercises – at least a couple of my responses were rather minimal, but I’ve no wish at this particular moment to make them more complete.

Instead, I’ve gazed into my (imaginary) crystal ball (#16) and foreseen my one future accomplishment I’d like to achieve as keeping up-to-date with these challenges 🙂 Thus, I’m going to SIMPLIFY my life (#14) by tackling all my catch up challenge tasks here and now, all be it in brief(!) In this way, I’m avoiding any risk (#15) of falling further behind, never quite catching up and knock-on effects of such failure…

What fascinates me? (#11) The ever changing skies are a constant fascination, the different effects of light and colour of the trees and the birdsong – I’m really lucky that my back garden adjoins a small woodland area, there are no street lights to spoil the view of the stars, there’s a wide expanse of tree-line meeting skyline and plenty of birds. Other things fascinate me, but that one is my favourite and a regular daily obsession.

How do I know I’m loved? (#12) I can’t escape the fact that my dog loves me because she lets me know every day 🙂 I know my family love me too, but I don’t see enough of them, we’re too far away and most are unable to travel to see me and I’m often too unwell to travel to see them- but there’s regular phone chats and texts. It’s not the same thing, but still surprising and precious that sometimes there’s even kindness and caring from people never met nor spoken with in person… I haven’t kept up with former friends and not well enough for a social life, so my only close real world relationship right now really is with my dog…

So, that’s skipped over the incomplete excercises and ‘going with energy’, limited…

Q2: Emotionally charged excercises? #12 about being loved, perhaps that’s why I avoided it… same could be said for #14 ‘simplify’ because my daily life is so stuck in reverse it couldn’t get more basic – anything I could maybe do to simplify things seems out of range currently… and #10 with what they might say about me was another one that I tackled by way of avoidance… in a way they’re all quite emotionally charged.

Q1: I don’t think any of my answers really surprise me, but many of them are embarrassing in one way or another. But writing honestly sometimes means learning to accept those feelings when reading back.  I mostly don’t read what I wrote previously so it’s not usually an issue that way, but for the purpose of this review excercise it was necessary. I usually feel I’d prefer to leave such writing as I made it than to edit stuff out to ‘save embarrassment’ – maybe because there’d be nothing left if I did 😉

My challenge responses so far:

warm-up writing excercise

#1 Reflection

#2 Balance

#3 Stillness

#4 Relaxation and Pleasure

#5 Difference

#6 Holding me back

#7 What makes me shine?

#8 Perfection

#9 Speaking to impress

#10 What would they say about me?

#11 What fascinates me? *To Do (link directs to challenge prompt page)

#12 What makes me feel loved? *To Do (link directs to challenge prompt page)

#13 Symbolic Circle

#14 Simplify *ToDo (link directs to challenge prompt page)

#15 Taking risks *ToDo (link directs to challenge prompt page)

#16 Crystal Ball – one future accomplishment *ToDo (link directs to challenge prompt page)

I now feel better about being caught-up-ish and can look forward to the challenges that Part 2 will bring 🙂




9 thoughts on “Sandbox Writing Challenge Review#1

  1. Whoa girl! You put a lot of work in there! That was a great review and I will get all the comments posted asap. I’m glad to hear from you again. I was beginning to think something was wrong. All’s well? {{{Colette}}}

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey I’m just visiting your place for a catch-up read now 🙂 All’s as well as ever – I just seem to be on a slow and forgetful phase, sleep cycles all over the place etc etc Thank you for hugs :)x


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