Split Second Split

In a split second everything changed:

One overwhelming compulsion, a reaction

so strange and unruly – quite out of character –

something just snapped, then so something was fractured.

There was no going back, no point of return;

No hope for forgiveness, no lesson to learn –

Just a split second madness, to make my escape –

It was certainly foolish, but not done by mistake.



4 thoughts on “Split Second Split

  1. Reblogged this on The Wishing Well and commented:

    March already! I’m looking forward to marching out however few steps every gail and downpour free day. I used to have a daily dose of garden and daylight with fresh air and excercise and train the dog. Not at the time of writing this poem, though I did in previous winters. She’s not a puppy anymore. I can watch her and excercise her from the back door. You may not understand the cues and clues in my writing… thanks Sarah C for returning to my attention this poem. The subject of the poem revolves around the day I marched out and… I might just tell you one day… but not March 1st already!


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