Sandbox Writing Challenge #17

Sandbox Part 2 and challenge #17:

I’m posting last minute (again!) as I completed the excercise in my notebook and then forgot all about it. I have to admit to feeling  a little uncomfortable with describing myself from my parents point of view – I hope there’s not a similar future excercise from our children’s point of view – my daughter would describe me as ‘hopeless’, full stop.

Thankfully my Mum’s still with us though she’s had a really tough year fighting cancer, going through major surgery surgery and chemotherapy; we’re blessed that she’s now in remission, although more frail than she used to be. I’d describe her as being amazing; strong; disciplined; well-organised; reliable; sensible; supportive; kind.

My Dad died twenty years ago, though he visits me in my dreams quite often. I’d describe him as Jovial; dependable; generous; teasing; likeable; technical; private.

Mum would probably describe me as vulnerable; ill; impulsive; stressed; soft; self-destructive; creative / artistic; unreliable, messy. 

Dad might have described me as gullible; mixed-up; emotional; rebellious; reckless; unreliable; daft; daydreamer; clumsy.

So, now I’m wondering how, with two such wonderful parents, I’ve turned out to be such a hopeless muddle of a person…





5 thoughts on “Sandbox Writing Challenge #17

  1. i hate to be able to relate… my case the opposite, Mom gone now 25 years (cancer), dad being slowly worn down by caner now. It is quite interesting the older i get, seeing how even though having no kids, i have manage to have traits pop up later in life of my folks. Best wishes


    1. I’m sorry you lost your Mom. Cancer seems so much more common these days, it’s how my Dad died too. I’m also sorry to hear about your Dad’s illness. Best wishes to you too Sarah.


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