Secrets? – Sandbox Writing Challenge #21

I really cannot believe that another 3 to 4 weeks have flown past since I last posted for the Sandbox challenge! How does this happen…?

Anyway, jumping right back in with Sandbox challenge #21 and the task to write … about secrets(!):

What have you done that no one knows about?` or

What are you afraid of exposing about yourself?

So, if there was something, would I be wanting to reveal it here? Maybe I wouldn’t like to be telling you how dreadfully difficult or impossible self-care has been at times- the longest and/or shortest time I’ve been without showering in the last year or two, for example. I certainly wouldn’t wish to expose those kinds of things about me.

I don’t really have any dark secrets, I don’t think – unless so well buried they won’t spring to mind in the instant of writing this post. But there must be something…?

I suppose I wouldn’t like to admit that starting a couple of weeks before Christmas I started buying lottery tickets again. Fingers crossed each time and looking back now and wondering what difference that small lump sum would make to me today, if I’d saved that cash instead.

I really can’t afford to squander money on gambling, however small the outlay – but you can’t win it if you’re not in it!

On the other hand, if you’re not ‘in’ it, you can’t possibly lose!

I excused myself my lottery spending with not buying beer, wine or spirits for Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed my non-alcoholic sparkling grape and cranberry juice drink instead. But alcohol and gambling are similar in that the temptation to ‘just buy another’ can be quite overwhelming.

I don’t usually buy alcohol, so there’s no give in my budget for continuing to buy lottery tickets. I’d be better off trying to save the ticket money each week instead – but there’s no give in my budget for saving much either…


For an easy reminder to myself, the prompts for the challenges missed to date are as follows:

Sandbox Writing Challenge #18:

  • Imagine someone important to you sitting in this chair. What would you say to this person that you’ve never said before?

Sandbox Writing Challenge #19:

  • What is one of the worst emotional storms you’ve weathered in your life?

Sandbox Writing Challenge #20:

  • If you could, what parts of yourself would you throw out?






8 thoughts on “Secrets? – Sandbox Writing Challenge #21

  1. We had a community pool at work several years ago. Somehow the amount we contributed kept growing and growing – from 2 dollars to 12…and we never won enough to even pay for a free ticket? At least you switched the spirits for lottery tickets over xmas. Don’t feel too bad about it, everyone likes to dream 😊

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    1. To make sure the habit didn’t stick I chose the randomised ‘lucky dip’ rather than my own set of numbers. Otherwise it’s too easy to get sucked into keep playing those same numbers just in case. I did have a couple of very tiny wins – enough for a couple of free tickets – and of course they didn’t win anything! Now, every time there’s a lottery draw I’m putting my ticket money in a jar and saving instead. It won’t amount to much at the end of the year but more than losing it to a gambling habit 😀

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  2. Nah I dont have luck to win so i dont buy tickets, we actually won a prize in a raffle drawing, but that was not recently. I need my dollars for other stuff, enjoying reading and visiting 😀

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  3. Great post! I don’t know if I’d cop to buying lottery tickets either. I know I’d get some weird responses from my sister!!! I likely catch hell about it! LOL But good luck! Would be great to even win just a little, wouldn’t it? 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Calen 🙂 It ain’t happening so far and I’m not playing most weeks from now so that makes it unlikely. It would have been nice of course … but it isn’t going on my bucket list when/if i make one 🙂

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