100 word story

So different in the cold light of day – just desolate scrubland and parts of this ruined wall.

Sickened and shaky, Rosie walked around, trying to remember.

Some party! Streamers morphing into snakes, frothy gloop dripping from the ceiling -she had her hankie – it could be analysed… But her date, John? – He hadn’t followed her outside! Who were those people? Whose house was it? Why was it not there now? Was she dreaming, needing to wake up?

Amongst shallow ashened rubble lay a pair of spectacles – John’s! She must report a missing person however unbelievable her tale…


100words exactly!!! (Image from pixabay.com)

Flash fiction is such a challenge!

I was writing for the 100wordsstory challenge at Blogger’s World with the prompt ‘madhouse’ – the text at the top of this post is what’s left after writing more than 600 words and realising I had gone much too far with it!


11 thoughts on “100 word story

    1. Thanks 🙂 Yes, there is a storyline for this that keeps pushing itself to the front of mind and whirling me into a spin – but typically when I’m not in the mood for writing or doing something else where I can’t be writing (like at the kitchen sink!) Maybe one day… 🙂

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      1. That’s an idea, but with neighbours and paper thin walls I’d have to make sure they heard me say ‘don’t worry, I’m just making up a story!’ in case what else they heard me saying was taking seriously! When i still shared a house with my ex a few years ago, he was often recording things I said – one time I was working on a performance art dialogue and reading out loud – it was quite weird – he took his recording of me saying things like ‘I’ll take this axe and chop it into pieces …there’d be blood and guts everywhere…’ and he tried to say I was threatening to kill him! Luckily there was evidence that it was creative work for my course or I could have landed five years in prison – and that’s what my ex was hoping for! Nice man!

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