Monthly Look Ahead – February 2016


My memory has been dreadful lately, days slip by, I lose track and I am scatty and unreliable. I made a commitment to a late posting halfway through last month and I know I had an outline draft somewhere but then forgot about posting it…Apologies to event host, IamDonovan.

But here I am, on the cusp of February, wondering wherever did January go and how did it go so fast?!

Some things I’m looking forward to, hopefully, this next month:

  • my first grandchild’s 8th birthday – though I might not be able to visit… we’ll see
  • if I can drag myself into a taxi and onto buses or trains, maybe a visit or two to other family members. No-one’s in a position to be able to travel to visit me and I’ve not seen my mum, siblings, or even one of my kids for ages – months on end. We managed Christmas by post and phone, so it’d be nice to visit. Fingers crossed I’ll be well enough.
  • I’d like to get out to a local art gallery or for a wander in the city, but I doubt i’ll manage that as well as a family visit, but it’s on my hopefully list anyway – I might have to make do with a virtual version of this one.
  • I’ve found Kindle for PC quite a comfortable way of reading -the screen brightness will reduce in the app much further than my laptop will, making much less eye pain and headache and the hope of actually reading something properly more a reality. I’ve a couple of books I definitely want to buy for kindle – and then I’m trying the ‘kindle unlimited’ library borrowing scheme. I know I could not buy the books on my wishlist, and borrow them instead, but I choose to support the author and see it a bit like buying her a coffee. You can find lots of free books for kindle, whether generally available free or during the discounted promotions, but I’m getting fed up with finding poor quality reading material and have seen lots of non-free books I’d like to take a look at or read.  It remains to be seen whether the subscription for borrowing is worth it, as I might not be able to read enough to make it worthwhile. So, I’m quite late getting on the Kindle bandwagon, but am looking forward to exploring reading better with it – there might be the option to listen to borrowed books too.
  • I’m also hoping, again, that I’ll catch up and keep up with the Sandbox Writing Challenge- everything’s been slipping lately – and generally getting back to a more regular posting routine would be nice.
  • I’m looking for ways I can manage my health better again this month too, especially regarding diet and sleep. For relaxation and off-screen time, I’m going to play at adult colouring books, maybe do some drawing and/or journalling.
  • Finally, getting back to a little Modern Poetry study as there is always more to read and learn.

So, there’s my February goals mapped out, as un-exciting as usual, but fingers crossed for the journey…




11 thoughts on “Monthly Look Ahead – February 2016

  1. I had not known of the kindle unlimited’ library borrowing, though I do have a kindle now, and use the pc kindle thingy as well. I use it for free homestead,garden stuff, and my thriller, mystery, westerns I have hard time holding books all the time so it helps to have a variety. Hope you have a good adventure with the library 😀 good to see your writings again, always enjoy visiting my Neighbors

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    1. i struggle holding books too and the kindle on pc will make the screen go really dim – I wish I could make the pc do that generally! In the UK, Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited costs £7.99 a month – not all books are available to borrow through it and not tried it yet so unsure how it works. Dunno if authors get a percentage of the fee or if it all goes to Amazon. I downloaded lots of free books on promotion, but some aren’t good – some are though 🙂

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      1. Working with two tablets for now…..the android my substitute laptop 🙂 , kindle fire has it’s own browser… I jot notesj some for my computer tip idea. Started play with Linux Ubuntu whatever called lol oper. Sys. Since got sp computer switched to that for Mr. Works. Amazing. Laptop hot battery crap as I used to kindle on it oh well.,some day get a castoff laptop n fix 😉

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      1. Thank you 🙂 but I mean to try and keep up with the prompts and stopping by to visit you all, I just keep slipping and not realising how long it’s actually been … maybe it’s a winter thing, not getting enough daylight or something, and too many very late or sleepless nights and napping all day


  2. My mother uses a Kindle, but I still prefer hard copies. Either way, it’s always great to have reading material that you’re actually excited to read!
    Thanks for participating in my Monthly Look Ahead! 🙂

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