Over at Ruth’s blog, every Wednesday she’s choosing a word to inspire her post for that day. She’s issued an open invitation for others to join in with her Wednesday Word, either in the comments or with a pingback to your own post.

[I had something in mind but it’s fallen away while I took a look at the word, it’s meaning, snonyms and antonyms and then somehow otherwise distracted… I finally removed the dolphin background that was supposed to psychologically invoke healing(!) but may have caused avoidance. I still like the Sorbet theme, but I might go for a change, at some point…]

…back to the Wednesday Word prompt:

MOMENTOUS – in Chinese, according to the google translation, is shown as:  重大

In a while, to-do lists will have no place;

alarm bells will not ring; monuments will crumble and fall.

The earth will not choke within the smog of man’s industry.

Humankind leaving little trace, all words expressed in vain.

 Momentous, Nature, portentous, returns.


Apparently in Welsh, momentous translates as pwysig; in Indonesian it’s sungguh-sungguh; and in Swahili, it’s nzito … but, of course, regarding translation, I’m just taking google’s word for it …


I also tried a few haiku, but most have incorporated directly or by theme into the poem above. That leaves this one – but you have to not be lazy with ‘ev-er-y’ , as usually, when spoken, at least colloquially by common English people like myself, it sounds 2 syllables and this one has to sound 3 to count:

Momentous mundane
as every day passes
by night into morn.

If you haven’t already, stop by and check out Ruth’s poem for her Wednesday Word – and her previous posts too – and hopefully I’ll be dropping by to read your own momentous posts sometime soon 🙂



11 thoughts on “Momentous

      1. Took me ages to realise that in many themes you can change the background, either with pic/pattern or by choosing your own colour 🙂 I like the surprises with your fairly regular theme tweaks – I tend to get with things one way and then reluctant to change anything. Maybe I should take a leaf out of your book and once a month or so try on a new blog-suit 🙂

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