Undone – Sandbox Writing Challenge #24

Note to self: since my response to prompt#21, when I noted having missed prompts #18, 19 &20, I’ve since also missed prompts #22 (locked in & free yourself), #23 ( closed doors) & a bonus question I’ll call prompt #24A (friends).

Before moving on to the current week’s challenge, it seems appropriate to tackle prompt #24 here as it’s asking ‘What have you left undone?

So, apart from the Sandbox writing challenges that I’ve missed…


It seems like I’ve fallen completely apart,

coming undone, trying not to lose heart –

my daily to-do list grows longer each day,

with all those undones that so heavily weigh

on my conscience, I still struggle on

but the laundry and dishes are waiting too long!

Each room is cluttered and dusty at best,

and there’s barely the energy to blog at bed rest.

The yard needs a tidy, I could do with a hand

and I rarely cook dinner even if it’s been planned.

I’m so out of touch with the friends I once knew,

and a stack of correspondence I should reply to.

It would be shorter to answer ‘so what have you done?’

I wish I could say ‘having far too much fun!’


So, I haven’t squeezed all my undones into this poem… but that’s probably enough for now.



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