Vulnerability – Sandbox Challenge #25


So, the latest prompt for the Sandbox Writing Challenge #25 asks us to declare our vulnerability. Is there a difference in the ways we might be vulnerable and the ways we feel vulnerable? I think there probably is…

I list 
my fears 
here, one by
 one, I may regret
ever having begun as
one after another, these
 tear drops fall, for so many 
reasons I might rather not tell 
of all those ways I'm vulnerable- 
so I'll focus instead on staying 
strong, besides my list is far 
too long, but I may well make 
it, another day soon, just
 for me, to heal the

I actually managed to make a (very simple) shape poem! I’ve wanted to make one for ages! I hope it keeps its’ formatting when I hit publish as it’s been playing up in the editor and taken some persistence to make it behave… please note, I wasn’t in tears while writing that, I fibbed – but I might have been had I started that list – there are a lot of keywords in that cloud in the graphic that could apply, and probably for many of us.

I guess lots of us would share the vulnerability of challenging financial circumstances and economic instability, with all the implications this might bring…


So, that’s all I have in response for now, but I might go back to it another day, in the privacy of paper for a change…

I can’t wait to see what the next Sandbox Writing Challenge has in store – why not jump in and play along – have a good week and keep safe and strong 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Vulnerability – Sandbox Challenge #25

  1. WOw, I found another gem! And this is so much fun, taking my mind off my aches today I do enjoy visiting round your new house so to speak, remodeling job is pretty neato 😀 > I like the shape poem. I know I zip by reading in the reader sometimes and put the LIke and don’t get back to the commenting………I figured out that is Part of my problem (sometimes)

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    1. No worries 🙂 it’s easier to track back to something you dropped your calling card on and nothing wrong with whizzing through the reader to grab some easy access must-go-back to landing points 🙂 I’m working through blogs I’m following list like that at moment – though some I visit often anyway, like yours and a few others – anyway, I need a reading strategy … that’s part of my problem 🙂

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      1. Yes I started a list after the Party, then i went to images crazyland, now theme change, now work coming up, aiyee I am relaxing with Reader and working on tidying . I do like mine and yours better mobile tabbie as well which is a definite Plus 😀

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      2. yeah don’t stress 🙂 good news about the mobile and responsive views – thanks for all your feedback and encouragement 🙂 I really like how your blog in your new theme looks and works too. I hope to get all my blogs better organised and working more smoothly – one of these days… yours is set up so well that whenever you change themes it’s easy to find things and your tags are consistent… mine’s a mess in comparison – still learning those menus and widgets, dunno why they take so long to sink in…never mind, onward…

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      3. I have some dead widgets that dont cross over but I found the page they sit on in the ‘back office’ or whapever they call it wordprs. I try to stay ‘somewhat’ in the same cats/tags so they can find but I still learning all the time 😉

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    1. Thank you 🙂 I liked the way the poem looked as though it falls down from the cloud – and yes, that cloud covers quite a lot of appropriate keywords, I knew I had to use it as soon as I saw it 🙂

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