Top Ten: A side – party playlist (1)

As well as blogpartying with Jacquie&co this weekend, I was delighted to catch news of another Valentine blog party while I was strolling the twitter fields and found a new-to-me blogger hosting, author Jens Lyon. Jen is inviting guests to comment, suggest a love song, and of course to leave a link to your blog if you like.

Since I replied with my suggestion(s), I’ve had numerous other songs rolling around my inner ears, so thought I’d make a Top Ten Valentine’s Eve playlist:

  1. Foo Fighters, Times Like These
  2. P.I.L. This is not a Love Song
  3. Liam Bailey, Please Love Me and  moreso On My Mind & anything else by Liam, I love it! 
  4. Madness, It Must Be Love
  5. Tracy Chapman, Sorry
  6. Bob Marley, One Love
  7. Finley Quaye, Love Gets Sweeter
  8. Fleetwood Mac, Chain
  9. John Martyn, I Don’t Wanna Know
  10. Madonna, Substitute for Love

Ten tracks really isn’t enough, and there’s bound to be more pop it into mind…the Liam Bailey links are to his YouTube channel and there’s plenty to play there that I’d guess you might enjoy – he’s a hometown chap (that is, from Nottingham, where I live), fantastic live performer, especially acoustic (I love a good, raw, acoustic performance!) He’s quite well-known and pretty successful these days, appearing on the likes of The Jools Holland show on Brit-TV. Have you heard of him and his music before?

I’d like to say thank you again to Jacquie and to Jens for each inspiring this post and for being wonderful, warm and welcoming blogparty hostesses 🙂 I’d like to extend thanks also to the lovely Calen at Impromptu Promptlings and Sarah C and to my other dear friends and respected acquaintances in our beautiful blogophere. Happy #InternetFriendsDay!

Are you making a party playlist? or any other party games /forfeits going on that I missed while chatting? I’d love to read your posts, and hope we meet (again) soon! I’m sure we will, I’m heading back that way now I fetched some extra tunes 😀

I forgot some! QOTSA for one!!! Mad Professor for another! Never mind – some of the music I’ll listen to when well enough 😀

image: one of my lists made during September 2015’s Writing101: Finding Inspiration…


11 thoughts on “Top Ten: A side – party playlist (1)

  1. Hi,
    I know Jacqueline and Michelle and Deb and Gary. You liked my blog party last Saturday. I am SO sorry I didn’t get over here sooner to thank you. I believe in returning the blog love and visiting my visitors. With about 100 visitors on Saturday, it took me a while to get to everybody. I am usually more prompt. It is still Wednesday here if that helps at all.
    In response to your post, I love Chain by Fleetwood Mac. Thanks again for last weekend’s visit and liking my blog party.

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  2. Hey there thanks a bunch! You know, I haven’t had much music going since the whole inner ear thing, but………now i have lots to explore 😀 p/s/ he brought the chocolate, warning was heeded 😉

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    1. you’re welcome -if you’ve not been over to jacquie’s link-up party yet, there’s a new page just up for Sunday bloghop links – the link in the lower part of my post takes you there and you’d get your link in near top of comments 🙂

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